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Their Super Sweet Second Marriage

Okay, so remember how I said it was wrong for those kids on My Super Sweet Sixteen– the MTV documentary show about kids' real life over-the-top sweet sixteen birthday parties–to have such huge blow-out parties, costing hundreds of thousands of dollars, even though they're all like, “But I deserve it”?

Well, it's still wrong.

But I did love the episodes with Natalie, the girl who had the most expensive party of all, and the finale, featuring “Diva” Sienna.

Before you start writing mean emails to me saying you will never again read one of my books for saying that (or because I eat cheeseburgers or because my characters talk about birth control or whatever), allow me to point out the reason I loved those episodes (and, sort of, those girls).

First of all, Natalie's parents didn't REALLY spend $450,000 on that party, since Natalie's dad owned the club. All those people working there were on his payroll anyway. I don't know how much it all REALLY cost, but ultimately, he is not going to charge HIMSELF for use of the club, and it was a great promotional opportunity for him to get his club on MTV. So in a way, he MADE money off that party.

Secondly, Natalie's party was inspired by one of the purest emotions in the world. She didn't just “wanna have a party” like amiable but empty-headed Hart, on a previous episode. She didn't even ask for a Range Rover, like the avaricious Ava (by the way, how much would I like to introduce the two of them to one another? Ava and Hart, I mean. Although it would never work because Ava needs a man with money and Hart doesn't have any except his dad's).

No, Natalie's party? Her party was for revenge.

And I realize revenge is NOT the Jedi way, and that often revenge brings bad karma on those who seek it, and that what we put out into the universe comes back at us times three, and that we should turn the other cheek if someone strikes us so they can hit that one, too, and all of that.

But whatever. I mean, in a way you could see why those kids who were mean to Natalie hated her so much: Natalie clearly has what I would call an extremely healthy self-image (although I think it was mean of all those girls on the YM message boards—oh, yes, YM message boarders, I read your posts sometimes when I have a book due and I can't figure out any other way not to work on it—to go on about how “fat” they think she is).

And I do fault Natalie for trying to buy her way into the social scene in La Jolla. But at least she admits it. It is no different than Hart, giving all those girls free shirts from his mom's dress shop if they agreed to come to his party. I didn't love Hart, because while he was affable, he did not seem to be capable of higher thought. Sort of like a sheep. Although I do like sheep, so go figure.

But I kind of loved Natalie. I mean, she flew her funny friends (didn't they remind you of the gay guy and the goth girl from the movie MEAN GIRLS?) from her hometown, the friends who stuck by her when she was poor and had to shop at Target.

And then she defended one of them (at least in the narration) when one of her new friends snubbed the old friend for having jewelry from Target (which, by the way, looked as good as anyone else's jewelry, so good for her for only paying $5 for it).

Anyway, those are my feelings on Natalie. Yes, she had a party for revenge and to buy new friends. But the fact that she was willing to admit it—and the fact that she was so mortified about her dad coming to her party dressed as Elvis (kudos to you for that, Dad, by the way. LOVED it)–ROCKS.

On to Sienna: Oh, Sienna. How much did I love Sienna's parents, for canceling her party when she brought home two Ds? I loved that they made her get good grades before they reinstated the party (though letting her arrive at that party via helicopter…I don't know about that). I loved the guy who booed when Sienna insisted on having a fashion show during her party—a fashion featuring—who else? Sienna. Come on, Sienna. People want to dance, not look at all your outfits.

But hey, I think she probably learned a valuable lesson: “Fashion shows during parties…yeah. Maybe not, next time. Check.”

All in all, I am sad to see My Super Sweet Sixteen go. But wait—it doesn't HAVE to be gone. Because I have an idea:

Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles ought to hire those kids and their parents to throw their wedding!!!!!!!! Seriously.

And okay, I know C & C are trying to keep the whole thing low key, since it's a second wedding and the guy's first wife, whom he is rumored to have had killed (ALLEGEDLY), was one of the most beloved women in the Western Hemisphere.

But think about how totally dope it would be if right before the ceremony, Charles was FLOWN IN OVER THE DJ, as Natalie's dad told her SHE could be at HER party!

Or what if Camilla arrived in a Hummer limo! With a hot tub inside! Wouldn't that be sick?

Or what if they both were LOWERED INTO THE RECEPTION FROM A HELICOPTER???? That would be the crumpiest!!!

I know what you're thinking. You're thinking, Meg, come on, such an ostentatious display of wealth by the royal family when there are millions of people who go to bed hungry at night would be viewed very negatively by the press.

But all those kids on My Super Sweet Sixteen didn't care! So why should Charles and Camilla?

I'm just saying. Come on, England, don't let La Jolla have all the glory! Show us your stuff! This is your big chance!

They could at least have an oxygen bar and henna tattoo stations at their reception. Geesh.

More later.

Much love,