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So I was going to post a written excerpt from PD6 here for the people who can't download the new audio excerpt from Princess Diaries 6, Princess in Training that just got posted here.

But my publisher beat me to it! There's already a written excerpt posted there!

So instead I will just have to answer more reader mail, since I really don't have anything else prepared.

Dear Meg,
Is that really how you sound on the audio excerpt of PD6? Or were you like pretending to be Mia? Or do you always talk that way? Also, how come in some parts you sounded sarcastic? Because I don't think Mia would sound that way.

Well…..I'm a writer, not an actress. So, no, I wasn't performing. That is what I sound like, whether I am reading aloud or just, you know, talking in my daily life.

I don't really know what you mean by “sarcastic”—that is how the words sound in my head as I am writing them. So if that sounds sarcastic to you, then I guess Mia is sarcastic.

But that's one of my favorite things about her, and what makes her different from all the other princesses out there!


BECAUSE—oh, sorry, those capitalized letters are catching–because The Princess Diaries series is getting a face lift! Behold the splendor:

Aren't they kicky? Isn't the word “kicky” kicky? Anyway, I completely love them, and I'm so excited about the new look, with which we're hoping to attract a new crop of readers who maybe passed over the books before, because they didn't have cake on them.


Meg!!! Pleaz tell me there will be more Mediator books after TWILIGHT. PLEAZ!!!!!

Sadly, I cannot, because there won't be. I, as well as Suze, need a rest—I think we've both earned it.

Dear Meg,

I just finished Every Boy's Got One. It was awesome! Will there be more books in the “Boy” series, or is this that last?

This is the last of my email books for now. As many of you know, I have the first in a comedic detective series coming out next winter, and so I am going to concentrate on that for a while. Look for SIZE 12 IS NOT FAT in December 2005. If I finish the revisions on time, that is.

I so agree with you on the little “My Super Sweet Sixteen” debate. I mean, I thought I was spoiled! I feel bad for those girls because they have parents who kinda suck.

My dads a doctor and he makes a lot of money but if I was like “DADDY!! Mom cancelled my credit card! I'm not getting my car?! Your ruining my birthday! Youre only spending like a billion dollars on this party, why should I be nice to you?”

They would be like “Thats funny Stephanie. Real cute. You wanna hear something even funnier? Youre grounded. Ha ha ha!”

Those are the kind of parents I had. And I think I turned out all right. So I believe the author of the above letter is well on her way to becoming a responsible member of society, as well.

Dear Meg,

I totally agree with you on the whole Valentine's day thing. It's a day
that I swear Hallmark and florists thought of as a way to make money. Not
only money, but to make those poor people who are single, like me, feel less
of a person because they don't have someone to spend that 'special day'
with. I mean, you see the pretty stuck-up snobs at school conoodling with their
hot bf in the middle of the halls. What's a girl to do is she looks more
like dopey rather than Snow White? It's sad, really.

In elementry school, you were forced to give a valentine to every person in
the class, so that no one would feel left out. Well, that doesn't prepare
you for the real world on Valentine's day. Like in high school and Jr. High
when you see your friends giving out valentine's to everyone and people
admiring the flowers, candy and cards they got from so and so and you don't
get a thing. It just makes it obvious to people that you are friendless, as
well as boyfriendless, and in the eyes of some of those cruel people, that
makes you a loser. I've experienced it, more than I care to say. And it's
not something i'd wish upon anyone.

Well, the greeting card industry didn't make up Valentine's Day, it really is the birthday of St. Valentine, who was a real person who was executed for secretly marrying Roman soldiers to their sweethearts when the emperor wanted them all to be single (or something like that–there are lots of different stories on what, exactly, S.V. did. That is just the one they ran in the Key West newspaper today, along with a photo of a six-toed cat who is the center of a major lawsuit in town).

But the author of the above letter is right in that this is what Valentine's Day has TURNED into. I couldn't have put it better myself.

But wait…there's more:

I, too, along with my best friend, hate Valentine's Day. We particularly hate the tradition of giving carnations/Sweethearts out at school. I mean, you have to do it through the student council, which is all of the popular girls. LIKE WE WOULD REALLY TELL THE MOST GOSSIPY PEOPLE IN SCHOOL TO GIVE VALENTINES TO PEOPLE WE LIKE. Please.

We wouldn't do it even if it wasn't through the student council, of course.

Anyway, my friend and I are going to the Valentine's dance, which is a tradition we have: we go, and categorically refuse to dance with anyone (although last year, our other so-called friends kept shoving us into random guys, which was rather disturbing. Luckily they are no longer our friends.) Instead, we stockpile the little chocolate Hershey kisses, sit on the side, make fun of the music, and EAT THEM.

It's fun.

I am with you, sistahs.

But wait…there's even MORE:

I am so sick of all these lovey dovey valentines day couples (ie; my brother and his gf, my friends ect…) so I will be joining you in your boycott of valentine's day. This is my first V-Day having a “boyfriend” (I'm not sure if it counts as a boyfriend if your both twelve) but i don't care about giving each other little cards and candies in heart shaped boxes instead on that day I figure I'll sit in front of my tv, pigging out and watching horror flicks or Kevin Smith films. Anyway getting to the point I want to say Thank You for inspiring tons of girls to boycott this “holiday” Kudos to you, Meg!

Excellent VD plan. I'm not sure if it counts as a boyfriend if you're both 12 either, but so long as your parents are cool with it, it's cool with me.

I TOTALLY agree with you about Suzanne Whang, My Super Sweet 16, and Valentine's Day! First of all, I LOVE House Hunters for some weird reason, but Suzanne really bothers me, because I don't even understand why she is on the show in the first place. It would make so much more sense for her to actually meet the homeowners or something. Anyway, about my super sweet 16… I didn't watch the show until i read about it on your blog, but now that I have seen it, I am blown away! It is so ridiculous! If these people have all this money to spend on something as small as a birthday party, they better have a huge check in the mail to the kids in Somalia with AIDS or something. And last, Valentines Day… my friends and I are totally joining in your boycotting it this year!

S. My mom is like SEVEN years older than you so don't feel bad!

Yes! The more the merrier! I love how you guys are sounding off on this bogus holiday! More, please!

I AGREE ON BOYCOTTING VALENTINES DAY!! Yes, unlike most hyperactive thirteen year olds, I HATE VALENTINES DAY!!!! It's so stupid!!! It's just an other excuse for Hallmark and other companies get our money. It's like they created this foolish holiday not because they want us to love one another, but to make us spend our money! The worst part about it, is that they make people that don't have a valentine, or as Queen would say “Somebody to LOOOOVE” feel terrible!

Out of the mouths of babes. It is all so, so true.

So I hope that on Monday, all of you will opt out of contributing to the fascist greeting card/candy/roses regime. This is our only hope of ever becoming free. It's up to you, people. Do your worst. I mean, your best. Or whatever.

More later.

Much love,