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OK, so my TiVo erased everything I taped while I was on tour because I set it at FINE quality recording instead of HIGH and there were only 21 hours of memory left and it all got eaten up by the BBC America show, HOUSE DOCTOR, which is on like 5 times a day.

So I have like 40 episodes of HOUSE DOCTOR but no idea what is going on GILMORE GIRLS, DEGRASSI, CHARMED, and JOAN OF ARCADIA. I am reading the synopses on Television Without Pity (except there are no TWOP recaps of DEGRASSI!!!!), though, and should be caught up soon.

In the meantime, here is what else I've been watching/reading/hearing, in case anyone cares:


Warning: Contains Spoilers
Dare I say it? The OC is back. I mean, I have really enjoyed it lately. Mischa Barton appears to be having a blast playing a bad girl, and I love the Seth/Summer comic book storyline, and Sandy…oh, Sandy. You big goof! Why didn't you just tell Kirsten about the former flame sleeping on your office sofa? LOVE THIS SHOW AGAIN. Also, I heard a rumor they are doing a spin-off series about Marissa's little sister in boarding school. How much would this rule?
Spoilers Over


Okay, this is my new favorite cooking show. I know you're all, “Ew! Cooking shows!” But I love them. I find them soothing. Not ALL of them, though. I don't like cooking shows that have live audiences (you know who I am talking about). Having people clap when you add garlic to something is not soothing to me.

But I like Everyday Italian, starring Giada De Laurentiis (granddaughter of Dino De Laurentiis), as well as Nigella, of course, and I also like Tyler's Ultimate and the Barefoot Contessa. But Giada has the nicest clothes.

I did read one review of her show that said Giada is trying so hard to be sexy, she might as well start licking the camera. But that just makes the show more exciting. Because I keep waiting for her to actually do it.

On a personal note, I still hate to cook. I just like watching OTHER PEOPLE cook.


OK, on this show, British people who are trying to sell their house have “Californian” Ann Maurice, real estate stylist, come over and tell them what they need to do to make their house more saleable. Interestingly, the host of the show makes out like Ann is really intimidating…because she's from California. He's always all, “What do you think about having a CALIFORNIAN come over and inspect your house?” And the homeowners are all, “We're terribly frightened!”

I have never thought of Californians as scary, but apparently, they have a rep for speaking their mind. Who knew?


Loved the surfer girl. Loved the girl who wanted to be in the play. Homecoming girl was fab. BMX girl was good but they already did a BMX girl last season. Ballet Boy was awesome. None of them were as great as Duct Tape Homecoming Queen. But I still love this show. I wish I could be Made into a Solid Gold back-up dancer. But I know this will never happen. So I just have to keep on dreaming.


I have to be careful what I say here because every time I mention this show, tons of people write to accuse me of being prejudiced against rich people. Which couldn't be further from the truth. Some of my best friends are rich.

What I am is prejudiced against people who spend their money in a fiscally irresponsible manner and set a VERY BAD EXAMPLE for their children and, since they are letting themselves be filmed doing it, for America, as well.

Oh, and PS to the people who wrote in to say that as someone who sold out to the movies for large amounts of money, like I did, I shouldn't criticize how the rich spend their money:

Selling a product you invented, the way I did, and spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on a kid's birthday party have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH ONE ANOTHER. I spent that money on rent and food, NOT A ONE NIGHT EVENT AT THE HARD ROCK FOR MY KID. Geez.


Is it just me, or is the hostess of this show, Suzanne Whang, a robot? Seriously. She is like…perfect. Watch this show, and see whether or not I'm right. She could definitely be a cyborg sent from space to take over our planet.

And why do they film her in a different house for every episode…but it ISN'T THE HOUSE FEATURED THE SHOW? Whose houses ARE they? HOUSES SUZANNE TOOK OVER USING HER CYBORG POWERS? I wouldn't be surprised.


Okay, so I accidentally bought the new Kelly Clarkson album from iTunes (don't ask) and I really like it. Shut up. She is so ANGRY. I love angry rock n roll girls.


According to Nanny Stella, from the show Nanny 911, Britney is an excellent stepmom…at least judging by the secret footage of her playing with one of her stepkids at the Four Seasons pool. And Brit's started wearing shoes again when she goes into gas station bathrooms! This is a significant improvement, and I think we should all be proud of Britney.

Now if Kevin would just cool it with the lap dancers….


I have heard many conflicting rumors regarding their break up—Angelina calling the house at all hours and hanging up with Jen answered (ALLEGEDLY); Brad liking to wear women's clothes around the house, and Jen not being able to take her stuff getting stretched out anymore (ALLEGEDLY)–I don't know what to believe anymore. I just want them both to be happy. Or at least not on the cover of Us Weekly anymore.


Lately I've been reading up on real life women who have done extraordinary things—and I don't mean they've been on TV whining to their parents about how come they didn't get the Range Rover they wanted for their birthday.

Some of these women include Erica Pratt the ultra cool ten year old from Philadelphia who, at age seven, was kidnapped and tied up in a basement…until she gnawed through the duct tape that was holding her and escaped, with the help of some local neighborhood kids who were playing in the street near the house she was being held hostage in.

I would fully pay money to see a movie based on Erica's story.

Some other women I admire are Anne Hubbard and Ann Margret Gidley, a pair of waitresses in my old neighborhood bar back in New York City, who single-handedly thwarted a gunman on a rampage three years ago.

The New York Police called both women “very brave.” And I couldn't agree more.

And now for someone who is not so brave:


I had to get Henrietta a new collar because her old one got all frayed. I couldn't get her the exact same collar, because they don't sell it here. So I got her one that is LIKE the old one. But not EXACTLY like it.

I thought, Whatever, she won't know the difference.

Well, she does know, and she HATES the new one. Every time I turn around, she's flung it to the floor! And then she dances around all triumphantly, like, “Look at me! I'm NAKED! It's NAKED TIME!”

Then when I pick it up to put it back on, she runs away. Sigh. It is so difficult to be the owner of such a troubled cat.

Let your feelings on Valentine's Day b
e known here as it approaches. Remember, I'll be boycotting, as usual. Feel free to join me.

More later.

Much love,


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