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Every Boy’s Got One Tour Days 13-17

Well, my airplane cold turned into full-fledged flu, and I can't say I'm feeling all that great these days. It turns out they weren't kidding when they urged us all to get flu vaccines this year. This thing is serious stuff. And I should know. It's been kicking my ass all week.

On the bright side, if you have to be coughing until you dry heave, the Four Seasons in Los Angeles is the best place on earth to do it! The staff there was very attentive. Or maybe they were just concerned about catching my disease. In any case, they left tons of boxes of Kleenex in my room every time they cleaned it, and exchanged my germ-ridden sheets and bathrobe every day for nice, snot-free ones, and always brought my chicken soup with a smile, no matter how horrific I looked when I opened the door. So big thanks to them for that.

My first stop on the phlegm highway—I mean, in LA–was the gorgeous Cerritos Public Library, where I had a very fun event, and met tons of super nice people, including the Reader Who Traveled Farthest To See Me, Alexa, who came all the way from New Jersey with her mother and aunt just to get her books signed.

Alexa is recovering from back surgery and has been out of school for a long time. Unfortunately, when I tried to email her get well wishes, the message bounced back to me. So if you're reading this, Alexa, the hotmail account you gave me does not appear to work. It was great meeting you, and I really liked your poem! Feel better soon!

I also enjoyed the book on cats given to me by Jessica. So cute! Thanks!

My next stop was the Marlborough School for Girls, where I spoke in front of some very bright readers and would-be writers, who listened quite politely to my feverish ramblings. It was especially fun to speak at the Marlborough School because

a) that's where my friend Michele Jaffe went to high school, and was even president of her class, and

b) that's where the daughters of the producer who has optioned the film rights for both TEEN IDOL and EVERY BOY'S GOT ONE go to school, and I got to meet them, and also hang out with their mom, who was super nice about driving me to Rite Aid so I could stock up on DayQuil, NyQuil, and Halls, and

c) I also got to drink Tab, since it happens to be the favorite drink of the school's incredibly cool headmistress, and she gave me some of hers.

And let me not forget the totally cool pink princess My Flat in London bag with the built-in tiara and pocket watch that the school so kindly bequeathed upon me, and which I am using at this very moment to house my Kleenex and Robitussin!

I got REALLY sick after the Marlborough event (and I am still hoping I did not infect too many people there with my icky germs) and couldn't even speak at my next two events, at Vrohman's in Pasadena, and then the Borders in Torrance.

But so many fantastic readers came to my rescue at both those signings with goodies like tea and Tab (thank you, Rachael, Alison, Aubrie, Niki, Michelle, and Angela) and even a Tab hat (too cool, you guys—you know who you are)! I got toys and CDs for myself and treats for Henrietta (thanks again to Rachael, and to Niki, Michelle, and Angela), and even scored a totally awesome Switchblade Kitten hoodie and signed CD from the Switchblade Kittens themselves, who came to the Torrance signing in all of their pink sparkly glory. If only we'd known the Kittens were coming, we could have had them perform what I like to call their unofficial Lana Weinberger anthem, All Cheerleaders Die—or at least their fab punk rock version of Celine Dion's The Heart Must Go On! We're all hoping for another CD, Kittens.

Everyone has been so kind and supportive on this tour–from the booksellers to readers who were brave enough to come to my signings—that I just want to take a moment to say thanks to each and every one of you:


Now I'm back in Florida—but I'm not home yet…my tour isn't done! I still have a signing in Aventura tomorrow, and another one on Monday. Hopefully I'll have recovered my voice by then, and we can have some Q and A, because I notice you guys have been emailing me a lot of questions lately, such as “Is TWILIGHT really the last book in the Mediator series?” (Answer: Yes) and “What day is Princess Diaries Six coming out in the US?” (Answer: March 28, 2005) and “Will there be a Princess Diaries Seven?” (Answer: Yes, next year) and “Which show is better, SuperNanny or Nanny 911?” (Answer: They are both equally good).

Hopefully I'll see some of you tomorrow and Monday. For those who can't make it, maybe I'll see you on my PD6 or All American Girl 2 tour! In the meantime, stay flu-free—WASH YOUR HANDS!!! And thanks for getting the Mediator on the Times children's bestseller list!

More later.

Much love,