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Every Boy’s Got One Days 9-12

So I knew it was going to happen. It always does. I mean, ALWAYS.

I tried everything I could to stop it. I washed my hands so much, my knuckles got chapped. I downed Airborne and Emergen-C every night. I went to bed early, instead of staying out drinking with all the old college buds and relatives I have run into on my trek across this great nation. I drank so many fluids of the non-alcoholic variety, I thought I would burst.

None of it did any good. Because you can't fight it. It is inevitable as sunrise. It is….

The airplane cold.


If you are a regular reader of this blog, you are probably thinking to yourself right now: “Gosh. Meg sure does seem to get sick a lot. Or injure her coccyx bone, or whatever.”

And you would be right. I asked my doctor why this was, and she had this to say in response:

“Sometimes, people just get sick a lot.”

Anyway, it's not that bad so far. Just a dry, hacking cough from deep inside my chest. I doubt I'm contagious. Much. You should still come to my book signings. I have a bunch left, and even if my cold progresses to a point that I am bleeding out of my eyes, I will still be there. So don't be a stranger. Come along!

Just don't touch me.

So I'm in Denver right now, which is always fun because 98% of my relatives here, including my brother, his wife, their daughter, my grandparents, and aunt and uncle and their spouses/kids. It's been fun visiting with them. My grandma has been to all of my book signings. She even called the news stations I was on this morning to find out exactly what time my segments were! The news stations were quite surprised, since they don't have authors' grandmas call them that often.

In other Cabot news, my niece can now walk unassisted. I got an excellent shot of her sleeping in the car with my cell phone camera. Sadly, I don't know how to get the photos on my phone off the phone, so I can't post it here. But she looks really cute.

Anyway, it's been fun seeing my family. I just wish I had had more time to spend with them.

Incidentally, a lot of authors, I have been informed, won't tour in Denver, because it is the Mile High City, and they get altitude sickness.

I don't get altitude sickness. I just get airplane colds.

There is currently a stock show here in Denver which means that there are a lot of men staying in/around my hotel who are wearing cowboy boots and large belt buckles. Since I of course have on my pink cowboy boots and tiara belt buckle at all times, many people have mistaken me for a sparkly pink cowgirl. I have been asked several times where I parked my horse.

This is unfortunate. Pink cowboy boots and a tiara belt buckle would be highly original accessories in any part of the country but this one. Sadly, here, I blend.

Still, I have been having some great signings, including one at the Barnes and Noble in Westminster, where I was feted like royalty by the staff and readers alike, and a great one at Boulder Books this evening. Two readers brought me Tab (always appreciated), and one of them, Amy F, also brought me Pounce for Henrietta, measuring spoons for my chef husband, and ginger snaps for my resident ghost, Mary. Amy F, you rule! And your blog is super cute.

But you really don't have to bring me presents if you come to a signing. Just bring books for me to sign. The bookstore owners and my publisher and myself would appreciate it if, in addition to bringing whatever books of mine you already own, you would also buy a copy of one of my new books, such as TWILIGHT (Barnes and Noble is currently running a buy two, get one free sale of Meg Cabot paperbacks, you know, so now would be the perfect time to invest in the entire Mediator series if you haven't done so already) or EVERY BOY'S GOT ONE.

One thing I am not appreciating is this thing I keep seeing on the news about how on January 20th people are being encouraged not to spend any money. I think this is a terrible idea, because I have a book signing that day! Don't buy gas or clothes, or whatever, but definitely buy books! Especially mine! They're three for the price of two, you know!

Even though I'm on tour, that doesn't mean the amount of emails I get every day has lessened. I've been getting lots of emails from readers whose moms won't let them buy Every Boy's Got One, because of the title. I hope you are all telling your moms that what every boy's got is a heart.

Still, Every Boy's Got One is NOT a kid's book. It is written for adult readers. And while it does not contain anything than you wouldn't find in an episode of “Friends” or a PG movie, I am not going to say it is 100% free of four letter words or sexual content.

So don't go asking me to talk to your mom for you. I have my own mom—and grandma–to deal with. I can't take on yours, as well! Everyone's mom is their responsibility.

Well, I better post this and then hit the hay, because tomorrow I am off to Los Angeles, where I am looking forward to once again being able to speak outdoors without seeing my own breath. Not having brought a coat with me on tour, I have been quite chilly here in Denver. Which also might explain the hacking cough.

Which reminds me: those of you who have met my grandma at the various signings of mine she's been to here in CO, don't tell her I've been running around without a coat, if you see her again, like at Safeway, or whatever! She'll kill me! She's much tougher than she looks, you know.

More later.

Much love,


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