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It is my favorite time of year—the time when people send their annual newsletters letting the rest of us know what has gone on in their family since the last time we heard from them, generally a year ago, in the last newsletter we received from them.

These are people with whom we are friends—or even family members—but who live too far away for us to see or speak with regularly. Thus, the necessity of the holiday newsletter, to update us on all that's been happening in their lives—and of course to wish us joy this holiday season.

I have been a great fan and collector of holiday newsletters since I was a teen, and so have been studying them in all of their many forms for a number of years. So I feel qualified to call myself a student of the holiday newsletter—certainly not an expert, but a very ardent admirer.

Sadly I myself am not a recipient of a great many holiday newsletters. This year, in fact, I have received only two, both from family members. My friends, for reasons I cannot fathom, do not send holiday newsletters, and often, not even cards. I realize they may be intimidated by the newsletter prowess of my family, whose mastery of the art of the newsletter is unparalleled. But how will they know what they can really do if they don't even try?

Of course, many of my friends point out that I myself do not send out a holiday newsletter, much less a card, so why should they? Which is a very good point.

So this year I have decided to compose a holiday newsletter of my own. I am posting my holiday newsletter here on my blog for all to read. I realize this is not the same as sending a card with a newsletter tucked inside. But I am much too lazy to do that.

And so, for your entertainment and edification, here is the Meg Cabot holiday newsletter:

Season's Greetings to one and all!

It's been a busy year here in the Cabot-(Husband's Last Name With Held due to his desire to have absolutely nothing to do with this holiday newsletter or my blog. But I think this is probably just as well because he doesn't read YA or women's fiction, and after having read my first romance novel I could see he was extremely bothered by it, and when I asked him why, he said it was because he didn't think a duke's son would grab a vicar's daughter and French kiss her within thirty minutes of having met her.

And I knew then that we would never have a Stephen-and-Tabitha-King-like relationship, where we read each other's books and exchanged ideas back and forth about them, because my husband clearly just Doesn't Get the romance thing.

But that's totally okay, we get along in nearly every other way except for my often neglecting to use a coaster and his turning off the TiVo to watch an Indiana game and my then missing an episode of House Doctor) household.

This time last year, as many of you know, I was diagnosed with lyme disease, which I contracted God knows when in God knows where. We weren't going to let a small fact like my suffering from a neurological disease keep us from pursuing our dream of owning a house in Key West, Fl, however, so we proceeded, as planned, to the Keys for the holidays, where we did, as planned, purchase a house.

Then we returned to New York City so that I could undergo a course of antibiotics and leave for the book tour of my novel, BOY MEETS GIRL, and my husband could attend the French Culinary Institute, a dream he had had for some time, and which he quit his financial writing job to pursue.

Beating lyme disease at the stage to which it had progressed in my case wasn't easy, and required a complete sacrifice of sugar, alcohol, and flour, three things you crave especially badly while on a book tour.

But I persevered, and next month, I'll officially have been lyme-free for a year, and can finally donate blood again—something I heartily suggest you do, as well, since giving blood saves lives, and you can often pick up excellent gossip from the nurses while you are lying there strapped to that chair, such as the REAL reason Britney was barfing so much outside that Vegas restaurant (hint: it wasn't the sushi OR that she's pregnant).

Also, they give you free cookies.

I met many fabulous readers on my BOY MEETS GIRL tour in January, and many other fabulous readers on my PRINCESS DIARIES 5, PRINCESS IN PINK tour later in April. I would have liked to have posted pictures of my meeting some of my readers here on this blog, but many of my readers are underage, and if I post photos of them online, I could go to jail. So sorry, no photos.

But I had a great time, even if I can't share the photographic proof.

In May my husband graduated from cooking school and was ready to move to Key West and design his dream kitchen in our new house, which we promptly did, though it took months longer than expected due to four hurricanes, one mandatory evacuation, and several parts which still have yet to arrive but are scheduled to any day now.

While my husband worked on his kitchen, I helped set up the Meg Cabot Book Club, a message board for readers (located at www.megcabotbookclub.com) that we started in June. Today, the book club now has over five thousand members and is still going strong. We've given away lots of free books, made loads of new friends, and learned tons of new things about one another.

But there's still lots more fun to be had, and things to give away, so don't be a stranger to the book club in 2005!

In July I went on a fun mini-book tour in Indiana in August to promote the release of TEEN IDOL. July 31st was declared Meg Cabot Day in my hometown of Bloomington, IN, and I celebrated by doing a signing at the Bloomington Barnes and Noble, getting a plaque from the mayor, and drinking beer at Nick's, a bar in which I was not legally allowed to enter for most of the years I spent in Bloomington. So as you can imagine, it was quite thrilling to be able to go there, even if no one did bother to card me this time.

October brought another book tour, this one to England! I had a lovely time with my British readers, and only regret that I was not able to visit Ireland or Scotland, due to having to go on BBC Breakfast and Blue Peter instead.

Then it was back to Key West, where I had a nice Thanksgiving with my family!

During all of this activity, I was of course still writing, and composed many books which I hope will you be enjoying in 2005, including READY OR NOT, ALL AMERICAN GIRL 2 which will be in US stores in July 2005.

Other books that will be out in the New Year include TWILIGHT, the last book in the Mediator series, as well as books 1-5 in that series, re-released under my real name (which, for those of you who keep asking, really is Meg Cabot).

Right after the New Year, I'll be leaving for my book tour for EVERY BOY'S GOT ONE, the latest installment of my email book series featuring employees of the fictional New York Journal. Check out the Tour Schedule section of this site for updates to see if I'll be coming to a town near you, and if so, come see me! There's nothing worse than sitting in an empty bookstore. Believe me, it has happened to me many times.

In March of this year, PRINCESS DIARIES 6, PRINCESS IN TRAINING will be released in the US and Canada, so I'll probably be going on tour for that, too.

Then, with luck, you'll all be seeing the first of my new comic detective series, SIZE TWELVE IS NOT FAT, a year from now in January 2006, along with PRINCESS DIARIES 7 in March 2006, as well as various stand alone novels I'll be letting you know about closer to their release dates.

As you can see, it's been a very busy year in the Cabot-(Name of Husband Withheld at his request) Household. Our only proge
ny, Henrietta, has made some real progress so far as exhibiting actual cat-like behavior is concerned: besides watching Animal Planet with me, she will also actually venture out onto my sundeck now. She is acting more and more cat like, and may even someday climb into one of our laps (I know: Dare to dream).

In all, 2004 has been a very good year for us, as I hope it has been for all of you. Sure, there were some downs—lyme disease; a category 5 hurricane or two; a bad British cold; broken ass—amongst the ups—The OC; moving to Key West; The OC; Britney's breakdown outside the Vegas Nobu; The OC—but overall, 2004 rocked.

May 2005 bring more of the same, if not better, and may all of you have a joyous and peaceful holiday season, and a slammin' New Year.


Meg Cabot

See the person on the bike behind mine in the above photo? That's Name With Held By Request, aka the REAL Michael Moscovitz/Scott Bennett etc! Hee hee.