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Now For The Good News

Half of the people reading this are probably feeling pretty happy right now. But half of the people reading this are not. I don't want ANYONE to feel down. Here is some good news:

–My friend Sophia Travis won the race in her district (Monroe County, Indiana) for County Councilwoman!

It's great to know that someone who cares so much about the environment, women's rights, diversity awareness, and the welfare of the poor will be working to make a difference in her area. Rock on, Sophia! Sophia believes that to improve our world globally, we must first act locally. By making small changes in her own community, Sophia very well might effect the world.

This is the thinking of a true princess.

–More people voted yesterday than voted in any election in the past three decades! Way to get out to the polls, people!

On the non-political front:

–Tab is making a comeback. I panicked after the hurricanes when supplies to the island were cut off, and ended up ordering all this Tab off the web, and now I have nine cases of it under the guest bed. I ended up speaking to so many Coke distributors, they assumed there was this HUGE demand for Tab in Key West, so they are now selling flats of it at the Gordon Food Service for $6. That is FOUR six-packs for $6. In New York City, a six-pack costs $3.49. $6 for 4 six-packs is a VERY good thing. I expect Tab sales to pick up and soon, the rest of the world will know the sweet, sweet nectar that is Tab.

–Henrietta has started watching TV! Seriously. Last night, I was watching “Animal Cops: Detroit,” one of my favorite shows (I would vote for ASPCA Investigator Debby McDonald if she ran for anything), and there was this boxer bounding across the screen, and I looked at Henrietta, and she was watching the boxer. Then later, on “Austin Stevens,” there was a mouse running away from a snake, and Henrietta was watching the mouse. She can't see walls, but SHE CAN SEE THE TV!!! It is a kitty miracle.

–Triumph the Insult Comic Dog has a new DVD out, which includes the footage from the time he visited the Star Wars uber-fans while they were standing on line to get into “Attack of the Clones.” Hey, I have no problem laughing at my own people. May the Force be with us all.

–It won't be long before “Napoleon Dynamite” comes out on DVD, and soon everyone will know the truth about ligers (bred for magic) and will be going around saying things like: “Girls only want boyfriends who have great skills. You know, like nunchuck skills, bowhunting skills, computer hacking skills…” and “Gosh!”

–New Season of “The OC” starts Thursday, November 4.

–In light of recent events, I won't have to rewrite “All American Girl 2” after all!

–My kitchen renovation is done. Now I just have a bathroom, a pool, and a hot tub left to go.

–There is a cover story on Princes William and Harry in this week's “People Magazine.”

–“Bridget Jones 2, Edge of Reason,” comes out next week. Hurrah!

That's all I can think of at the moment but I will keep you informed as more good news develops.

In closing, here is a snippet from Sophia Travis's announcement, way back in March, on why she, a Korean-American and a woman, was running for county council in the first place:

“I am here to give a voice to and put a face on women and minorities, who are sorely underrepresented in office here in our county.”

And because of her hard work and determination, a mere eight months later, that's exactly what she did. Rock and rule, Sophia!

More later.

Much love,