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“The OC” stars and onscreen lovers Adam Brody and Rachel Bilson reportedly have secretly gotten engaged in real life.

Brody and Bilson play teenagers Seth Cohen and Summer Roberts respectively on the hit TV show, which follows the tangled love lives of rich youngsters living in Orange County, Calif.

The onscreen couple have tried to hide their offscreen romance for as long as possible. In addition to the engagement rumor, they also have been spied looking for a house together in Los Angeles.

A source at Fox television network says, “They are both so much in love and want to settle down together.

“Adam went down on bended knee in a very traditional way and they plan to get married in the new year. It's the talk of the set, but they have been trying to keep it quiet.”


How cool would THAT be if it turns out to be true? And thanks to Mellie for sending it to me just now.

Other news in the gossip world recently that you may or may not know:

Gwen Stefani's marriage to Gavin Rossdale MAY be on the rocks, due to the fact that he fathered a child fifteen years ago, but only just found out about it when the kid's mom finally had her take a blood test.

I guess Gwen was a little freaked to find out she's a stepmom. Although it wasn't like Gavin even KNEW Gwen when he was sleeping with the mother of his newfound daughter.

Oh, and what about Ashlee Simpson lip synching on Saturday Night Live, due to acid reflux (well, that's her excuse)?

I don't blame anyone for lip synching on live TV, but at least don't blame your BAND, the way Ashlee tried to.

But maybe Ashlee's little meltdown is supposed to be distracting us from what's going on with her sister, Jessica, who has allegedly been running around Vegas without her wedding ring and WITHOUT Nick. Did her dad, Mr. Simpson, finally manage to drive poor N. away with his constant micromanaging of his daughter's life? I hope not!

You know, if Mr. Simpson REALLY loved his daughter, he would step down from his job managing her career, because her marital happiness should be more important to him than her money. I'm just saying.

So I haven't gotten a chance to watch any of the shows you guys so nicely sent me summaries of while I was away—nor have I read your summaries because my husband got the TiVo to work the night I left for England, and so recorded everything from Joan of Arcadia to Lost to Gilmore Girls. I didn't want to ruin them for later by reading your very nice spoilers.

But I may have to because when I came home from England, I found that they had finally delivered my dining room chairs (after seven months) and they're all piled up in front of the TV with the TiVo on it until we can get the dining room floor refinished. So I can't watch them until THAT is done!

Yes. The fun life of a home renovator.

But I did see The Swan last night, that Extreme Makeover beauty pageant. Oh my God, that show is SO bad. And yet I couldn't look away. One of the contestants was a burn victim who really did need tons of plastic surgery, but the other one just had some baby weight to lose. A few weeks laying off the chips and doing some cardio and she'd have been fine.

But they sucked and prodded her just the same.

I am all for plastic surgery if it makes people feel better about themselves (and studies show that it does) but it's still MAJOR SURGERY. I mean, there are still a LOT of risks with going under anesthesia. I myself would NEVER have unnecessary surgery, because the last thing I would want my obituary to say is, “She died during a routine lipsuction” like Cher's mom in the movie “Clueless.”

Also, do you ever wonder what future societies are going to say about us, when they dig up our dead and find all these female skeletons in our graveyards with boob implants? They're going to be all, “The twenty-first centurions were a very superficial and vain society, in which women would have plastic bags inserted under their skin to give the appearance of larger breasts, because they felt that men found them more desirable that way.”

Seriously. They are going to say all the same things WE say about foot binding and corsets. It's going to be so EMBARRASSING.

Also, that thing they do on those shows, with the porcelain veneers over your teeth? I asked my dentist about doing that over the ENORMOUS GRAND CANYON SIZED gap between my front teeth, since when I was a teen I refused to get braces, as I felt they would interfere with my busy French kissing schedule.

So now I have this gap like David Letterman's, which is cute, but sometimes makes me look a bit like a hillbilly, and not in a good way. So I thought, “What the heck, let's see if I can just get those veneers.”

Did you know to cover a gap like mine with veneers, they would have to surgically CUT OUT a section of my gums? And that it will GROW BACK in a few years and have to be CUT OUT again?

They don't show this stuff on The Swan. That's all I'm saying. Plastic surgery is WAY more complicated and dangerous than these shows make it to be.

So no plastic surgery—or even veneers—for me, thanks. I would rather have a gap Evil Knievil could leap over with his motorcycle than have my gums CUT OUT every few years.

What else? Oh, I have gotten a lot of mail about my clothes. Thanks, you guys! But contrary to popular belief, they are NOT fancy designer duds–Au contraire, Pierre! Most of the clothes I wore on my UK tour were from the Gap, Topshop (totally affordable UK store…see www.topshop.com) or Betsey Johnson (www.betseyjohnson.com, another affordable site, with prices in the same range as Abercrombie, Banana, and J Crew).

Probably the most expensive thing I had on was that feathered sweater I wore on Newsround, and that was only $138 (frankly, I think that's a good price for a sweater with feathers on it, although I understand to someone on a budget, it might be a bit of a splurge. Still, for a special occasion, like going on TV….).

This excludes accessories, of course. I am an accessories junkie and will pay whatever price I have to get the perfect necklace or cowboy boots. Well, not really, anything over $200, and I start having heart palpitations. But I am more willing to splurge on accessories than clothes.

Still, if you shop CREATIVELY (ie, sales, like the one where I found my pink sequined jean jacket remaindered to make room for new stock) you can put together a wardrobe that LOOKS expensive, but actually isn't.

Frankly, I can't afford Dolce and Gabbana: I have a house to renovate, and an online book club to pay for.

Speaking of which, our November book club pick is The Moonspinners by Mary Stewart, one of my favorite romantic suspense novels of all time, and one I couldn't wait to share with book club members. People have been emailing me about how much they loved/hated the movie version, starring Haylie Mills. I love Haylie, but that movie…I mean, what was the deal with the yacht and that rich lady? Neither were in the book.

Not that there's anything wrong with movies departing from the book.

Anyway, I'm psyched to be promoting a book that seems to bring out so many strong feelings from readers! I hope you'll all join me for a chat about it later in November…and meanwhile, sign up to win FREE copies of my new book Princess Present (and advanced reader copies of Mediator 6, Twilight) on the Win Prizes page of www.megcabotbookclub.com.

That's it for now. More later.

Much love,