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Email Crisis

I am so tired. So, so tired. I got up sooooo early to go on BBC Breakfast.

And it was very fun, don't get me wrong, but not as fun as going on Blue Peter yesterday, where I got to hang around with seven St. Bernards, four of which were puppies. Puppies really keep you awake, especially when one of them pees on a big pile of your books (off camera. Well, OK, they weren't MY books. But they could have been).

But there were no puppies on BBC Breakfast.

And there are no puppies here in my hotel room to keep me awake before the big dinner party I am going to tonight.

I have to wake up. I HAVE to. But I can't have caffeine or I'll never sleep tonight and be fresh as a daisy for all the stuff I have to do tomorrow!

I thought answering my email would wake me up, but for some reason, while I can log onto the Internet, I cannot send emails. So I will try to post some replies to the hundreds of emails I have received recently here:

Everyone: Yes, I know the message boards on megcabotbookclub.com are down. Janey's working on it.

Mellie E: Yes, it was his birthday yesterday! I can't believe they're trying to crawl already.

Kelsey: I am five foot eight inches tall.

FtLouie17: Yes, you should buy it. If it looks stupid you can always take it back or donate it to charity.

Nicole: I got them at Zappos.com. They are Luchesse brand. But they have many other brands and styles and colors at Zappos. I say go for it, who cares what anyone else says?

Annie: Have you read the Mediator or Missing series? I really think you need to read ALL of my books before saying that they're all the same.

Frances: Yes, I did enjoy speaking at Ilkley, and meeting you, as well!

Emily: Yes, if you write to me at my NYC address on megcabot.com, I will still get your letter, even though I live in Florida now.

Navreen: Thank you! I really liked the dogs, though.


And to everyone who has been sending me updates about what's happening on my favorite shows, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

To anyone I missed (and that's most of you) I'm so sorry, but I don't think I can answer anymore emails, because my eyelids are getting so droopy, AND I still have to go to my party!

So ta for now as they say here, and more later!

Much love,


PS UK Book Tour tip for the day: Don't say the word “boobs” on BBC's Newsround!