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We survived Hurricane Frances, except for a temporary loss of my Airport Express connection! We were lucky, though, to lose only that, instead of electrical power, like a lot of the rest of the state.

And today, for our reward, we got PERFECT beach weather, with lovely breezes and even some white caps in the water! Of course I could not resist the lure of the sun. I am quite tanned now, if I do say so myself.

And Jason the surfer is all right! I know those of you who read about him in the last entry were worried. Jason was the surfer who defied police and went surfing in Hurricane Frances. His friends called in and said he was fine.

But he can't go home because the police know who he is and still want to arrest him.

Jason's probably excited that now they are reporting ANOTHER hurricane is on its way, Hurricane Ivan. Yippee! My first summer in Florida ever, and already we've been hit with two record breaking hurricanes, with another heading right towards us.

I just hope no one here is blaming me.

There does seem to have been a statistical rise in the mosquito population since I arrived, since all blood-sucking insects love me (note earlier run in with lyme disease, despite the fact that I almost never go outside and have certainly never been hiking or camping, activities during which one might expect to be at risk of contracting a deer tick).

Clearly, there is only one explanation for this:

I am a bug magnet.

Seriously. If there is any bug within a five mile radius, it will fly and/or crawl to my side within seconds of my walking out of doors, despite the fact that I routinely slather my body in Avon Skin So Soft and DEET.

I have ALWAYS been victimized in this way. It's so not fair.

What's worse is that I have never been able to harness my incredible power over bugs, to create a bug army to do my bidding, so that I might, I don't know, abolish thongs, or something. No. The bugs ignore my COMMANDS. They just hover around and bite me.

It totally sucks, being a bug magnet.

But the fact is, I'd rather be a bug magnet than a hurricane magnet. Because lately, I've gotten a little worried that's what I am. A hurricane magnet. Because Florida hasn't had this active a hurricane season in fifty years!

But somehow, the minute I move here, BANG!!!! A new hurricane every week, practically. This is even more unfair than the bug thing! I'm actually really kind of worried about it, so shhhh…Let's just keep this our little secret, shall we? You know. That all of these hurricanes started hitting Florida after Meg Cabot moved there. It's not my fault. I SWEAR.

It would so suck if the governor or whoever made me move! I really like it here. I even got my new author photos taken on my front porch!


Photo A


Photo B

I'm not sure which I like better, so I thought you guys could email me your votes, Photo A or Photo B.

Actually, looking at these photos, I don't see a big giant target on my head, do you? But bugs seem to.

I just hope hurricanes don't see it, too!

More later.

Much love,