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After the Storm


As you can see, the seas are once again calm around Key West after Hurricane Charley sideswept us. We are all fine, with just a little damage…nothing like what the poor people in Port Charlotte and other areas of Florida are suffering. Our power only went out for a few hours, and mostly there's just a lot of sea grass and palm fronds to clean up.

We were very very lucky here in Key West, and no one here is taking that for granted.

I should note that Henrietta behaved disgracefully during the worst of the storm. She was NOT a Miracle Pet, by any means, bravely thinking of her beloved owners first. Instead, she started crying, and she didn't stop crying for THREE HOURS. It was VERY ANNOYING, since we didn't want to leave her alone, in case we had to evacuate fast.

So we had to SIT there with her, listening to her meow. Over. And over. And over again.

We gave her canned food. We gave her Pounce. We played with her catnip banana. We made a bed for her out of the duvet. We lured her into our own bed. We petted and soothed her. Nothing worked. She just kept crying. This, coupled with the sound of all the coconuts that were blowing off the palm trees and landing on our roof (more people are killed from coconuts hitting them on the head than from shark bites in any given year: just something to keep in mind) drove us nearly insane, and caused my husband to say, “The next time you rescue a cat, can you rescue a NORMAL one?”

However, goint through all this was nothing compared to what others went through a few hours later, so I'm going to stop complaining.

And thankfully, Henrietta's fine now, as are we (except for the bruise I received while trying to show my husband how I can go down the steps on my bike, just like the little cars did in movie The Italian Job. Note to self: Do not go down steps on a bike, even inside).

So thanks for your emails of concern. Now back to your regularly scheduled blog.

More later.

Much love,