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Hi. This isn't a picture of a hurricane. It's a picture of me in the kitchen we are renovating in our house here in Key West. I'm posting it to show that

a) I'm all right (if not exactly happy), and

b) It doesn't matter if a hurricane hits my house, since it's already such a wreck.

So don't worry about me.

Plus, we live across the street from a storm shelter. So if things get really bad, my husband and Henrietta and I will just dash across the street.

Although just to be on the safe side, I did spend today using my own personal drill (I bought myself one today at Home Depot) screwing the shutters closed. My husband did the ones upstairs with HIS drill, and I did the ones downstairs with MY drill. I felt quite Lady Lara from Tomb Raider, I have to admit, using power tools in cut-offs and a halter top. And I only broke two drill bits. And that was just from dropping the stupid thing when I was reaching for my Tab.

It's kind of fun to be here under these conditions, because the town is totally empty, since today they sent all the tourists home. They haven't evacuated residents yet, but if they do, we've got our re-entry sticker, so we can come back. In the meantime, we are fully stocked on the essentials, including Fresca, fruit, smoked almonds, beef jerky, sardines, vodka, diet tonic, and of course, life-sustaining Tab.

The only thing I'm worried about is extended periods of time without A/C or cable TV. THAT might do me in. We might have to drive back to my nice cool apt. in New York if it looks like we will have to go for more than a few days without the Lifetime channel.

Anyway, for the rest of you, who AREN'T in the path of a hurricane right now—GO SEE PRINCESS DIARIES 2, which opened today! Wish I could go see it, but there probably won't be any power here. Good thing I have plenty of PG Wodehouse to keep me company!

More later.

Much love,


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