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So I know I said I would have a big announcement/surprise on June 1, but it's ready now and I can't wait anymore to share it with everyone. You guys have to see it! It's so cool (I can say that without bragging because I had nothing to do with it, really).

Anyway, you know how you guys write to me and I never write back (or at least, not that often) because I get way too many emails? And you know how I said I was working on a way to solve that problem?

Well, Princess Diary reader/fan Allison M had a great idea, and, working with her and a few other people (THANK YOU, JANEY and everyone else who helped) we came up with the a BRAND NEW WEBSITE, complete with message boards, a live chat room, prizes, contests, freebies…you name it. That website, which is now open to the public, is:

Yes! The Meg Cabot Book Club! At www.megcabotbookclub.com!!!

But don't get the wrong idea. We aren't JUST going to talk about MY books there. Every month, we're going to discuss (and make available as prizes) OTHER PEOPLE's BOOKS AS WELL. Kind of like Oprah's book club, only better, because I guarantee we will only do funny books, or at least books that make you feel good, unlike Oprah's books, which almost always make me feel like stabbing myself in the eye (no offense, Oprah).

The message boards are open to everyone, but we DO have a strict privacy policy—especially for your under 13-ers. So get your parent or guardian's permission! Also, you cannot post on the boards unless you pass a quiz. In this way, we hope to screen out pesky little brothers…at least the little brothers who don't read my books.

I hope you'll all stop by and visit www.megcabotbookclub.com often, and post regularly! I have a book due July 1 (All American Girl 2) but I PROMISE I will be on the boards as often as I can, to answer your questions and just to chat!

And as an early reminder, SAVE JUNE 25 AT 7PM EST! That's when we'll be having our first LIVE CHAT BOOK CLUB MEETING! YES!!!! And I'm delighted to announce that the first book we'll be reading is:

Susan Juby

In Miss Smithers, we learn from Alice McLeod's diary that she has got:

1. A female friend (Yes, it's true. While once thought impossible, Alice has made a friend. Alert the press)
2. A male friend (Again, shocking but true. Friend might even be too casual a word to describe him, but lover is definitely too strong a word to describe him.)
3. $400 to spend on a dress to wear in the Miss Smithers pageant (which will be MUCH better spent on leather pants to wear as the beauty pageant's (or talent contest as she's been telling her mother) coolest contestant ever.

What she DOESN'T have is:

1. Any idea about the proper way to overcome social isolation due to years of home schooling
2. Clues about what competing in a beauty pageant will mean for her vegan diet and her liberal beliefs (She's already wearing leather pants, what happens if she wins?)
3. Any doubt that she's going to rock the worlds of the Miss Smithers judges

Alice, I Think introduced readers to Alice McLeod's arrogant yet entirely unconfident teenage world filled with What Would Jesus Do bracelets, hippie parents and 4H Club best friends. Miss Smithers is the laugh-out-loud funny sequel in which Alice competes in a small town beauty pageant while dealing with the premature publication of her 'zine (with all its gossip and opinions) and facing etiquette workshops, all while clinging to her imagined punk status.

I hope you'll run, NOT WALK, to your nearest bookstore and snag a copy of Miss Smithers, so you can join us (and author Susan Juby, all the way from Vancouver!!!!) for our FIRST ONLINE BOOK CLUB chat June 25. Remember, five lucky winners will ALSO receive FREE COPIES of this book (and one will get an advanced copy of Teen Idol)…

…So enter the contest and maybe you'll be one of them!

In the meantime, stop by and visit www.megcabotbookclub.com, a new online reading room for people who love to talk about books (and movies. And TV shows. And clothes. And Orlando Bloom. And…well, you get the picture).


More later.

Much love,