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Okay, I know I promised the Crush Quiz and advice blog next, but I've been moving, so it's been tough to work on that. I AM finishing it up though.

I had a HUGE response to the Mediator 6 back cover copy. Everyone wants to kill me now. That's okay, I can take it. Bring it on.

No, seriously, more sneak peeks are going up soon, along with the new covers. One will be up soon for Teen Idol, too. So don't fret, spoiler-sluts (I mean that in the most complimentary way, since I am one of you).

Speaking of spoilers, it looks like Joan of Arcadia DOES find out she has lyme disease in the season finale! (This isn't a spoiler…it's in the description of the episode in TV Guide) Weird. I had lyme disease for a long time, but I never once thought God was talking to me. Although a lot of my hair fell out.

And did you see A Wrinkle in Time? Except for those monsters who played Sandy and Dennis (aren't those the twins names?) I thought it was surprisingly good! It's hard to make a movie out of a book, and they really got a lot into that three hours (two hours and nine minutes, if you don't include commercials). I'm sad Madeline L'Engle didn't like it (or so she told Newsweek). I thought Meg and Charles Wallace were great. Even Calvin seemed very Calvinish.

But what was up with those twins? The way they were written, they seemed really mean (and too young). In the books, they weren't mean. Just teasing.

If you're looking for something to read, a great book comes out today…Susan Juby's Miss Smithers. If you like funny books, this is the one for you. It's also in diary format, which makes it a quick read. I read the whole thing during a two hour flight. So if you see a copy, be sure to snatch it up!

Anyway, while I'm finishing up the advice blogs, here is just a brief glimpse of what I've been through in the past twenty-four hours, to help you appreciate why the advice column is so tardy. Enjoy.

My Trip to Key West yesterday:

Henrietta was so stunned to have been snatched from her bed in the closet (don't ask…this is her preferred sleep area) at eight in the morning and stuffed into

a) her carrier
b) a leash and harness, in case she somehow got out of her carrier and we had to make a mad dash to grab her

that she did not utter a sound until we got to La Guardia Airport, where I was informed I had to take her OUT of the harness and leash and carrier and CARRY her through the x-ray machine with me. She was so scared to be in such a big noisy place that she put her little cat arms around my neck and hung on with her claws sinking into the back of my neck.

Apparently the security guys could not see this since, as I came through the x-ray machine, and Henrietta jumped back into her carrier, she was so glad to see it, they all went, “I've never seen a cat act that way before.” Then a woman from the line came up and asked me how I trained my cat to be such a good traveler!!!! I said I hadn't, that this was her first plane ride, and this woman said she has to tranquilize her cat just to get it into the carrier.

I have to admit, my eyes filled with tears of pride for Henrietta, truly an angel who fell down from heaven to be with ME. That has to be why she is such a good little fly-cat….

…at least she was until we got to Atlanta and had to walk out onto the tarmac to get onto the little jet for Key West, at which point someone started a plane engine right next to us and Henrietta was so scared she peed all over me through her carrier.

So I arrived in Key West SOAKED in cat pee. Oh, my glamorous writer's life.

But it was worth it, because this morning I woke up to see palm fronds and blue sky out my window, instead of another building, like back in NYC.

Although there was also this weird one-eyed cat's face right in mine, crying for food at 6AM.

But still.

And for those of you wondering about Mary, the resident ghost, there's been no sign of her, and Henrietta, who, as you know, being a cat, should be extremely sensitive to paranormal activity, has been happy as a clam here. So…so far, so good.

OK, that was just a little update. I'm waiting for my TVs to arrive right now, which means I can't go to the beach or ride my new bike or anything like that. I just have to sit here…and I can't even watch TV while I wait. I can't tell you how painful it is not to have television. And the cable guy doesn't come until tomorrow. I might be dead from lack of TV by then. Or have to start writing All American Girl 2, which is due next month. One or the other.

Wish me luck.

More later.

Much Love,


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