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Oh my God, things here are so crazy. I'm trying to do the advice blog AND get the Secret Plan ready for launch this month AND we're trying to get ready to move to our new house in Florida (well, we're not really moving, since we're keeping our apartment in New York, but we have to go down there to start construction on the kitchen, because that's where the original owner died and so of course we have to redo it–which is possibly why the original owner is currently haunting us, according to the neighbors and the most recent owner, but whatever) but I keep getting interrupted by TV.

THERE IS SO MUCH TO WATCH!!! I hate that there are MONTHS where there is nothing to watch, followed by days of so much to watch, you can't possibly watch it all. Extreme Makeover Home Edition OR Friends finale? Sopranos OR 10.5 OR Prime Suspect? It's just so WRONG. And you can only TiVo so many shows at a time….

I'm exhausted just from thinking about it all.

Anyway, thanks to everyone for sending in their advice questions. Dr. Michele Jaffe, PhD, has gone to town on them, and I will be posting her answers just as soon as I can organize them into categories (Boy Trouble, Friend Trouble, etc—you guys all have a lot of the same problems) and can take a break from packing.

But first, about TV, we MUST talk, briefly. WHAT DID YOU THINK???? Here are my thoughts, if anyone cares (SPOILER FREE except where indicated):

The OC:
Not to give anything away to those who haven't seen it yet, but nothing I heard was going to happen actually happened. Did I like what happened? NO WAY!!! Will I be sure to watch next season? YOU BET!!! This show RULES.

This was so disappointing. I didn't expect it to be great, but it was no Meteor, that's for sure. Or that one where New Orleans was sinking and that dude had to spray the insulation foam under it to save it. That was the best (in a bad way).

This show is spoiling me for all other shows because it's so well written. My friend Beth says that the US Government should hire Meadow to work for the CIA because she's so good at getting people to do her bidding without using actual physical force. It's so true.

Extreme Makeover Home Edition:
Why is this show so good? It makes me cry EVERY time. In a good way, not like ER.

The Swan:
Shut up. I love this show. It's so bad. In such a good way.

Gilmore Girls:
Missed it!!! Will watch shortly.

Joan of Arcadia:
I heard Joan turns out to have Lyme Disease (no idea if this is really true) and that all of her convos with God may turn out to have been hallucinations. Well, having had lyme disease, I can tell you that this seems kind of far-fetched. Maybe if Joan had been

a) lying in bed all day
b) eating masses amounts of Girl Scout cookies
c) watching the Food Network non-stop
d) with her hair falling out in chunks

like I was doing when I had lyme disease, I'd believe it. But people with Lyme Disease don't JUST have hallucinations. They have other symptoms, too. So I hope this isn't true. Also, you know, she's Joan of ARCadia. She's SUPPOSED to talk to God. Geez.

Friends finale:
Whatever. I did actually laugh a couple of times at Phoebe and Joey.

HA! NOT WATCHING IT ANYMORE!!! But I heard what happened and all I can say is this show is SOOOO manipulative, and not in a good way like OC or Extreme Makeover Home Edition.

Okay, there's more TV stuff to talk about, I'm sure, but right now I'm just going to say watch A Wrinkle in Time on Sunday night because that book rules and so does Madeline L'Engle.

Okay, about Henrietta:
Because we're spending the summer in a house and there are multiple exits and there will be workman there, I'm worried someone might leave a door open (okay, I'm worried Mary the ghost, angry about us redoing her kitchen, will leave a door open) and Henrietta will get out.

So I bought her a collar and an ID tag. Henrietta is an indoor cat and so has never worn a collar before.

Well, she HATES it. I swear I don't have the collar on too tight (I followed the two-finger rule…right? You leave two-fingers-width of space between the collar and the neck, so she doesn't choke if it gets snagged on something? She can fully wriggle out of it, and has, so it definitely isn't too tight).

But she spends ALL day trying to pull it off. And usually succeeds.

And it's a really nice collar, made out of soft, stretchy material on the fur-side, and yet covered with lovely rhinestones on the outside, as Henrietta is, of course, a princess. There was a bell but she hated that so much I took it off right away.

So what gives? Has this ever happened to any of you guys? Does anyone have any suggestions as to how can I get Henrietta to like her collar? Every time she succeeds in pulling it off, she prances around the apartment all happy, like, “Look at me! I'm naked! Yahoo!”

Has anyone ever had any experience with teaching a cat to wear a collar? If so, HELP!
I will be eternally grateful.

And I swear to post the answers to YOUR pleas for advice, AND finish up the Secret Plan, PRONTO.

More later.

Much love,


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