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The Early Show (again), Princess Diaries 6 (again), and Projectile Vomit

So, yeah, the Early Show. I've actually been hearing from people who saw me on it! I was kind of shocked that nothing happened to mess it up, to tell you the truth.

But the car came and got me at 7AM, and when we got to the studio, I was whisked into hair and make up, and no sooner had Ed (didn't he do a good job? I loved how he made my pink streak come popping out over my tiara) put the last touch of mascara on me than they came and told me it was time. I didn't even have a chance to be nervous, which was nice.

Hannah Storm, the journalist who interviewed me, was SOOOO nice. She was already familiar with the books and the movie (she has three daughters). It's always great to be interviewed by someone who actually knows what the books are about (most of the time, they've never even picked up the book until that very moment, believe me). So I felt really comfortable talking to her.

And for those of you who've written to say that you thought it was rude of her not to put on the tiara I gave her, I warned her before we went on not to! Those tiaras can REALLY mess up your hair, unless you've had your “do” done around it, like I had. So if she'd put it on, and then taken it off before the next segment, it would have totally ruined her coiffure, and her hair person would have had to do it over. So that's the only reason she didn't put it on. She wasn't being rude at all! Hannah Storm completely rules.

Anyway, so by 9AM I was back in my apartment cleaning out the cat box, my glamorous few hours as a TV star over. Sigh. Then my mom called to congratulate me for not having had my hair in my eyes (unlike the last time I was on national TV, for the Kelly Rippa Book Club). So I knew everything was back to normal.

OK, so on to the other thing people keep emailing me about:

I said Mia and Michael MIGHT break up in Book 6. MIGHT. I didn't say they WILL.

Although of course they still…might.

OK, what did you think about the OC last night? Was that good or WHAT???
And Gilmore Girls wasn't that bad for a change either. Jess comes back next week! Hopefully someone will get punched.

Anyway, today was horrible. I had to take Henrietta to the animal hospital to get her certified to fly to Key West with me next time I go, and she went all Ninja Kitty on the vet. It was horribly embarrassing. I apologized a million times, but I don't know if they'll ever get that examination room as clean as it was before our visit, which included special visual effects out of various orifices (the cat's, not mine).

But really, all that squeezing of her belly—the cat's, not the vet's—well, I'm afraid Henrietta just couldn't take it anymore. She just went mental. The assistant had to come in and hold her in a special cat grip, immobilizing her, just for the rabies shot.

And the whole time, she kept making these other-worldly noises (the cat, not the assistant). Like: Woooo-ooo. Woo. Wooo-ooooooo. It was sort of spooky.

She's home now, recuperating. For Henrietta, recuperating seems to involve eating a whole can of food, then jumping up on my most expensive chair, the one she's never paid attention to before in her life (the one about which we used to say to each other, “How lucky she's never noticed that chair, the one we paid so much for”). She glares menacingly at us when we come near her.

I will keep you posted on her further recovery.

I just saw a commercial for “10.5”, the earthquake miniseries that starts this Sunday. Why does this look like it's going to be so bad in such a good way? I can't WAIT. I LOVE disaster movies. Really, between this, the Wrinkle in Time movie, and the OC finale, I am giddy with excitement. I love sweeps!

And how psyched are you about Mean Girls? I would totally be going to see it this weekend if I didn't have to rewrite chapter 16 of Mediator 6, which I have to do because I accidentally forgot something. NOW do you see why it takes so long for books to come out? Because we write them, then our editors read them, and then they go, “Um, didn't you forget something?” and we find ourselves having to rewrite a whole chapter the weekend Mean Girls opens. That's not even counting the whole part where it has to go into production and stuff. No wonder it takes forever.

Did you see that article on CNN.com about how this study proved that poets die younger than other writers? What's up with that? Personally, I don't write poetry (except when I'm writing about a character who writes poetry, like Mia), so I think I'm safe. But all you poets—I'm not saying you should rethink your hobby. But you might want to start exercising and cut back on the saturated fats. Or start writing novels instead. Just FYI.

OK, since I wrote this, Henrietta got off the chair and came creeping over to where I am (in bed) and is now trying to dig her way under the covers so she can lay next to me. HOW CUTE IS THAT???

You can see why in spite of the Ninja thing and the projectile vomiting, I still love her so.

Well, that's it for now. My friend Michele was dismayed that I did an advice blog without her, so we're going to be doing another one soon. So if you have a problem and you haven't written in already, send an email to meg@megcabot.com with ADVICE written in the subject line, and we'll try to tackle it!

More later.

Much love,