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The Early Show, Wrinkle in Time movie, Mail Bag, and Princess Diaries 6

Oh my God, there is so much stuff I need to tell you that I don't even know where to begin.

First of all, if you happen to be home tomorrow morning between 8:30 and 9AM you MIGHT catch me on The Early Show talking about Princess in Pink. I say you MIGHT because if something of earth shattering importance happens (they find Osama; someone produces a one ton rubber band ball…something like that) I will be bumped for the more important story.

Which means I will have gotten up at 6AM to get my hair and make up done for nothing, but whatever, I won't be bitter.

Secondly, none of you seem to know who is going to die in the season finale of The OC, which is kind of disappointing, but I'm still holding out hope it's not Sandy. If anybody knows PLEASE tell me, I love spoilers and I swear I won't give it away to anyone else.

What else?

Oh, yeah, there's THIS:

About Time: L'Engle Classic to Air on ABC

A three-hour TV movie based on Madeleine L'Engle's children's classic
A Wrinkle in Time will be shown on Monday, May 10, 8-11 p.m., on ABC TV as a “Wonderful World of Disney” presentation.

The director is John Kent Harrison (What the Deaf Man Heard), and the
teleplay is by Susan Shilliday. The cast includes Alfre Woodard as
Mrs. Whatsit, Kate Nelligan as Mrs. Which and Gregory Smith (Everwood)
as Calvin O'Keefe.

Published in 1963, A Wrinkle in Time won the Newbery Award and has
sold more than six million copies in the U.S.
How excited am I? I LOVE A Wrinkle in Time. This movie is going to ROCK. I want to know who plays Meg. I LOVE Meg. I LONGED for glasses to be more like Meg when I was a kid (now I have them and let me tell you, they ain't so great). And how hot was Calvin? I can't WAIT to see this.

What else? Oh, yeah, I watched the Making of Van Helsing on MTV and all I have to say is…I don't know about Kate Beckinsale's Transylvanian accent. I mean, she LOOKS good, and I loved her in Cold Comfort Farm, but that accent…I'm not really sure about it. There seems to be a consensus on www.aintitcool.com, which is where I get the majority of my showbiz info, that this movie isn't that good. I hope this isn't true, because I love Kate AND Hugh Jackman. I'm even reading Dracula for the first time in preparation for seeing the movie, but I'm not sure it's going to help (also, just FYI, if you're reading Dracula, don't do it while there are other people at home because my husband keeps coming in while I'm reading it and going, “Do you know where the double A batteries are?” or whatever and scaring the you-know-what out of me).

OK, so I got some funny (and not so funny) emails recently that I thought I'd share:

I am a really big fan of The Princess Diaries. I would really like to have a chat with Mia. But my mom only lets me use the msn messenger. But I do not know whether Mia uses ksn, yahoo, or any other type of messenger. I would like for you to give me her email or messenger address.

OK, this is the most adorable email ever. Right?

Obviously, Mia is not a real person. She isn't even TOTALLY based on me, in that I'm not a vegetarian, nor do I own combat boots. But I do love the idea that she might be out there somewhere (Mia, I mean) checking her messages and wondering why no one has written to her because I never signed her up for Yahoo.

Here is another one:


I CAN'T!!! Because it's a SECRET!!! You'll find out next month. If you like my books, you'll like what we're planning for you—and just in time for Summer vacation, too (you'll need the extra time, believe me)!

Here are some not so adorable emails so you guys can get a peek into why I go to such lengths to avoid checking my inbox sometimes:

Dear Meg,

I just thought you should know, on some of your pictures on your website, you don't look very good. I mean that as a friend.


Why do I get the feeling that this girl goes up to all of her friends in the morning at the bus stop and says (loudly enough for whatever boy is nearby to overhear), “Um, just to let you know, that big zit you tried to cover up with concealer? I can still see it. I mean that as a friend”?

My worry about this girl is that if she keeps up with the “friendly” advice, she won't have any soon. Friends, I mean.

Obviously I only put pictures up on my site in which I think I look really good, so if what this girl is saying is true, I must be REALLY ugly in real life.

Here is an equally disturbing one:

Princess in Pink certainly did not live up to my expectations. Mia seems to have changed immensely from the geeky, writing Mia that we all love to a Mia who can't write a thing except the words “When is he going to ask me to the prom?!?!” I expect, of course, SOME anticipation from Mia about the prom, but her obsession over it was really kind of annoying. And there wasn't even that much good stuff with Michael. I hope that this book is actually leading somewhere, like maybe a break from Michael, or that Mia becomes an annoying popular wanna-be.

No author likes to hear negative things about her books, because of course we all love our books as if they were our children—or our cats. But I really do try to be open-minded about people's criticisms…as you can see, I am SO open-minded about them that I'm even sharing them with you right here in my blog, when I COULD just keep them all to myself, worrying that if you see them, you'll be like, “Hey! That girl is right!”

But then I realize that you can go over to Amazon anytime you want and read all the negative reviews of my books, so there's no point in trying to hide them.

I guess I could see not wanting Mia to obsess so much over Michael, but really, you guys, while Mia and I are not EXACTLY alike (see above re: vegetarianism and combat boots) everything unprincess-related in her diaries is taken almost verbatim from the diaries I kept when I was her age. I guess I was pretty boring or something, because all I ever wrote about in my diaries was stuff about the guy(s) I liked (the astute reader will notice that this blog is no different).

Still, I think that's what a lot (though not all) of 15 year old girls DO. Obsess. Over boys. Because we like them. And above all, I want my books to be realistic (aside from the ghosts, the Presidents, the ESP, and the Princess stuff, I mean).

But what's up with wanting Mia to become an annoying popular wannabe? Personally, I would not respect—or enjoy reading about—a character who is an annoying popular wannabe. I think there are plenty of books out there featuring characters like that. I suggest people looking for a heroine of this sort try looking elsewhere…because they aren't going to find a heroine like that in any of MY books.

As for the thi
ng about Mia not being as much as a geek as she used to be—firstly, I dispute this, and can produce evidence if necessary. But more importantly, you know, Mia and her friends are at an age when people grow and change. It's a fact of life—and I know you guys are aware of that from the number of panicky emails I get from girls whose best friends have deserted them to “join another crowd”, etc. People—especially during those tumultuous teen years—try on lots of different personalities before they find the one that fits, and my characters are no different.

So, no, Mia and her friends AREN'T exactly the same as they were in Book 1…just like YOU won't be exactly the same at 15 as you were at 14. And Mia and her friends are going to change EVEN MORE as the series progresses. Some of you may not like the changes that are coming up, and that's okay. They ARE realistic, however.

Sadly, in Book 6, Princess in Training (Sixsational in the UK) the Mia/Michael break-up scenario this reader is wishing for MAY come true. Mia and Michael are going to face some pretty big hurdles—well beyond the obvious one, that Michael's starting college while Mia's still in high school—that they won't be able to overcome unless a certain princess gets more of a backbone…and no, I'm not talking about the death match that is the campaign for Albert Einstein High School student council president, which is also featured in Book 6….

But there are 11 more months until Book 6 comes out, so I don't want to give it ALL away tonight.

Okay, I have to stop writing now because I have to go to bed if I'm going to be up at 6 for hair and makeup. Watch The Early Show tomorrow, and if you find Osama or a giant rubber band ball, please keep it to yourself until my segment is over.

More later.

Much love,