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Time Change

Okay, what's up with the time change thing? I know a lot of you are used to it, because you've been doing it your whole lives.

But in Indiana, they don't believe in Daylight Savings, and we just didn't have it. No. We Hoosiers did not let ourselves get pushed around by the rest of the world, and we said NO! to Daylight Savings Time.

So to this day, when it comes time to change the clocks, and I'm not in Indiana, where I lived for my first 22 years, I'm all, “What? Fall back? Spring forward? What?”

Frankly, I agree with my Hoosier founding fathers: Daylight Savings Time is just plain weird. Sure, it stays light longer in the summer. But it gets dark sooner in the winter!

And really the only way NOT doing Daylight Savings ever hurt us was when we had to wait for the bus to school in the pitch black.

But, you know, under the right circumstances, that could be kind of romantic.

And in many ways, it was a bonus, because it meant prime time for TV viewing started at 7, not 8, so you could see all the shows your parents wouldn't let you stay up to watch, the ones that in the rest of the country started at 10, but in Indiana, you could see them at 9.

So, anyway, last night I had to change the clocks in my hotel room and I was all confused about whether it was spring forward or back. I finally figured it out, but I just want to say this is NOT helping my jet lag, since when I woke up this morning, it was still dark out anyway.

But nevertheless, today is my day off from signings, and I'm very excited about it, because I'm going to use my free time to go see my friend Mellie who just had twins, Mikaela and Azusa, on Wednesay. I'm very glad Mellie had twins and not me, is all I have to say, because I can go visit them and oooh and ahhh over them and then I can come back to my hotel and watch TV. But I suspect Mellie won't be watching TV for, oh, about another eighteen years. But I told her I would TiVo all her favorite shows for her.

I had such a blast at my signings yesterday. The first one, at Kepler's, was great, and then we had some time to kill, so my groovy media escort David and I cruised around Tiburon in his giant red Cadillac, which, if you've never been to Tiburon, is this gorgeous seaside town. Of course we stopped for In-n-Out burger. Since I posted about In-in-Out burger and my love for it, I have heard from a few readers about their fries…and I have to confess, I'm trying to cool it on the starches right now, so I haven't tried the fries. But the burgers really do rock, in my opinion.

Then after the burgers, we went to Book Passage, a fun little store in Corte Medera, AND the staff there gave me a box of personalized stationery of my very own (thanks, guys! That was so sweet!)

So in all, it was another beautiful day here in Northern California. I got to cross the Golden Gate bridge twice, AND we saw a celebrity, only I'm not sure who he was, since he was in Jefferson Airplane, and this is not a band with which I am familiar, as I was more into Madonna in my youth.

I had the night off so I read EVERY BOY'S GOT ONE (you actually have to read your books before you turn them in to make sure they make sense. A lot of people don't realize this. It's sad, but true), corrected as many of the glaring inconsistencies as I could find, and sent it off to my agent. PHEW! Another book, done at last!

Now I have answering all of your many, many emails to look forward to. And I'm going to get to those right away. Just as soon as my fingers stop hurting from signing so many books (just kidding. They don't really hurt. Much).

So keep those emails coming. I swear I'll get to answering them soon!

And if there's anything we can do about this Daylight Savings thing, let's try it. It's way too hard on Hoosier authors on book tour.

More later.

Much love,