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So you'll never guess where I am right now. Go ahead, guess.

OK, I'll tell you:

THE OC!!!!!!!!!!!!

YES!!!!!!!!!! JUST LIKE ON THE TV SHOW (which I missed last night because I had two back-to-back book signings so don't tell me what happened, I'll watch it on TiVo when I get home April 12).

Actually, to be totally honest, I am flying OVER the OC, having done a book signing there today and having flown out of John Wayne Airport—not, incidentally, the airport Seth chased Anna through in that one episode—just now.

Here is what happens when your plane takes off from the John Wayne Airport: in order not to disturb the people of the OC, who want to listen to the waves on the beach, not air traffic, the planes are required to take off at full power, rocket almost straight up into the air, freefall when they get to a certain height, then finally level out.

Fortunately the pilot warns you about this before take-off. If he hadn't, I would have thought I had mistakenly boarded the space shuttle.

So…lucky people in the OC, huh? They even get the AIRPLANES to do what they want!!!

Anyway, sorry I slacked off a bit in the blogging, but my media escort Sheila had to drive me like a million miles to my signings yesterday in Pasadena and Huntington Beach, in rush hour, no less. I didn't get back to my hotel until late, late, late.

But it was worth it, because at Vroman's in Pasadena we had a fabulous princess pampering party, where the girls got to make their own body glitter, and where I was given a princess pampering kit of my own by the excellent staff—not to mention a swell stationery kit AND flowers (thanks, Lindsey!) and Girl Scout cookies from Michele and Nikki, who kindly reminded me that Allison M, out of all my readers, is the ONLY one who actually BAKED me cookies, and from the recipes in my book BOY MEETS GIRL, no less…and they were DELICIOUS, I might add.

I feel obligated to note that Allison M has also made me SEVERAL CDs, particularly a get well CD when she found out I had lyme (have I mentioned that I got my lyme test back and I am officially—according to my doctor—“recovering”? Which doesn't mean I'm lyme free, but that with luck, I will be someday! So, it's progress) and recently gave me a cool map of Key West (I don't know how she found one in NYC) AND some NYC post-it notes in case I get homesick when I'm in FL, as well as a lovely princess puppet who has become the Princess in Pink tour mascot.

So, official belated thank you to Allison M.

But the Vroman's signing wasn't my only signing yesterday, because after that, I jetted over to the HUGEST BARNES AND NOBLE IN SOUTHERN CA, in Huntington Beach, where I met MANY Princess Diaries readers, and ALSO ate the best thing EVER….A PROTEIN BURGER AT IN-N-OUT.

If you have never been to IN-N-OUT Burger, all I have to say is: Go. There. Now. They only have them in CA, AZ, and NV, but let me tell you—it's worth the trip.
You don't have to get the protein burger (it comes wrapped in lettuce, not a bun) but you SHOULD order it “animal style.” Just trust me on this.

I loved my protein burger so much, today I had a double double cheese protein burger right before my OC signing at Whale of a Tale, where I was welcomed by—get this—rose petals thrown before my feet (at the bookstore…not In-n-Out burger)! It was a lovely signing attended by MANY tiara'd readers, who were quite patient and cheerful in spite of the giant looming thunderstorm that struck seconds after I signed the very last book (whoever said it never rains in California is a liar). The staff was VERY princessy, as well, so big thanks to all of them.

Thanks are also due to the two readers whose names I did not catch who gave me the Something Corporate “Leaving through the Window” CD which I will listen to shortly.

So now I'm on my way to San Francisco, where I will have many more signings this weekend, which I hope as many of you as possible will attend.

Before I sign off, I think we should all take a little time to think about The OC, which, as I said, I didn't watch last night…but since I was actually THERE, I feel a certain bond with it. I've heard that “a beloved character will bid farewell to the OC” at the end of this season. I find this news terribly disturbing. Which beloved character could it be? Personally, I cannot think of a single character I would like to see go. Nor can I think of any who, as of last week's show, would have REASON to leave. Let's look at this objectively. Which of these characters might have reason to leave Newport?

Seth? No. Seth is not going anywhere. He doesn't even have a car. He could SKATEBOARD away, but that would take a long time, and someone would totally catch up to him and ask him how he could leave Captain Oats.

Summer? Bite your tongue! Summer must never leave the show! Besides, I heard she and Adam Brody are shopping for homes together. How long will they last if she's out of work?

Kirsten? Kirsten can't go! Who will buy bagels that are the size of a human head for the men of the Cohen household (only on this show can people eat bagels the size of their heads every single day and not instantly gain 10 pounds like the rest of us) if Kirsten leaves?

Sandy? No. For the love of God, no. Sandy would never leave. He has responsibilities as a father and husband and he would NEVER voluntarily leave. And if they make him die of a heart attack, I will stop watching this show.

Caleb, Julie, Hailey, Luke, and Teresa are not BELOVED CHARACTERS and so I don't believe any of them are leaving.

Which leaves us with Ryan and Marissa.

Okay, I would not cry if Marissa left, This is nothing against the actress who plays Marissa, whom I think is talented and pretty. I just kind of dislike her character. Because a) she needs to eat about five of those bagels Kirsten is always buying, and b) she is always feeling for sorry for herself and running away.

So she COULD pull a Hailey and run off to go work in a strip club, and Ryan could go rescue her next season.

But I doubt this will happen.

If I were a betting woman, which I am not, I would say RYAN leaves at the end of the season. Of course he'll be back. BELIEVE ME, he'll be back. But we might be left with a shot of him leaving “for the good of the Cohens” after one too many punch-outs or show homes set aflame or something.

That's just my theory. I could be wrong. If any of you are friends of OC scriptwriters (hey, we got rid of Oliver, didn't we?) please ask them not to kill Sandy. Also email me and tell me the MINUTE you know who's leaving.

And to anyone out there who is reading this who doesn't watch The OC and has no idea what I'm talking about, DON'T START WATCHING IT!!!! YOU WILL BECOME ADDICTED LIKE ME AND WHEN YOUR PLANE LEAVES FROM THE JOHN WAYNE AIRPORT AT A NINETY-FIVE DEGREE ANGLE, INSTEAD OF BEING HORRIFIED YOU'LL BE HAPPY because you don't want the loud plane to wake up Sandy and Kirsten, who really need their sleep because parenting teens is no joke.

More later,