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Okay, so I'm sitting on the plane to LA, and guess who's on my flight? It's a woman. And she wears a crown.

No, not me….

It's MISS MINNESOTA! Yes, Miss Minnesota is on my flight from Minnesota to LA. She's on her way to the Miss USA pageant. She is very pretty and very skinny. I haven't figured out what her talent is yet but it seems to involve big sticks that won't fit in the overhead compartment, so I'm guessing she's a baton twirler.

Or possibly a javelin thrower.

It turns out if you're Miss Minnesota, and you have these really long garment bags in which your evening gowns are stored, the pilot will let you hang them in the cockpit!!! YES!!!!

But this is the kind of treatment royalty deserves.

I wonder if the security guys freaked out when her tiara went through the Xray machine, the way they did when mine went through. Probably not, since she was wearing her sash, which of course identified her as royal.

Anyway, I survived my book signing at the Mall of America. It was PACKED!!! I hope everyone who came had a good time and could hear me…I had to scream really loudly to be heard over the rollercoaster. And for those of you who asked, no, that guy helping me isn't my husband—he's Tim, the media escort! My husband stays home when I go on tour, because someone has to take care of the baby (Henrietta).

Never having been to the Mall of America before, I must say, I was impressed. I didn't know there was a roller coaster INSIDE the Mall. And a log ride. And something called a jackknife. And a ferris wheel. Plus, you can eat fried cheese curds, although I abstained. The Mall of America, it turns out, is the number 2 most popular tourist destination in the US. Who knew?

I could see why, too. It has everything you could ever want: log ride; Bloomingdales; fried cheese curds. There's a little something for everyone.

And, good news, my iPod started working again! Thanks to Greg who wrote in and told me to toggle it. That totally worked.

I had a really good time in Minnesota and am sorry to leave it. Even though I did not pay to go to the anime/manga conference that was being held in my hotel, I was able to pop in to several events and watch, since the people running it were really nice, and with my pink hair, I fully blended in with the crowd. I have never seen so many girls in Sailor Moon outfits. It was great. If you like manga/anime, this is the conference you want to go to next year: www.animedetour.com. They had all these artists there, signing. It was groovy.

Well, to everyone I'll be seeing in CA, see you there! And don't forget to watch Miss USA in two weeks and check out Miss Minnesota! Oh, and read Princess in Pink, of course.

More later!

Much love,


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