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Punk Rock Fever

Hello. I'm sitting at the gate at La Guardia Airport in NYC, waiting for my flight to Minnesota to take off. It's 7:17AM on Sunday morning on the first day of my two week book tour. For anyone out there who still thinks authors lead glamorous lives, may I point out that at 6AM or whenever it was that I went to brush my teeth this morning, I saw to my horror that for some reason (allergies? Lack of sleep? Lyme?) my eyelids had decided to swell practically shut?

And, since the pink streak I put in my hair a few weeks ago for the fun of it was getting kind of faded (warning to anyone who chooses to die your hair a “fashion” color: they don't last very long) I went to get it re-dyed, and while I was at the hair salon, I was seized by some kind of punk rock fever and told Jeanette my colorist to make the streak bigger. No, bigger. No, bigger!!!!

Now the streak is a little TOO big. It's not quite a streak anymore. It's more like 1/4 of my head. It's so pink, it kind of hurts your eyes to look at it. My husband asked, “Who are you supposed to be? Cyndi Lauper?”

I love Cyndi Lauper. I love her voice and her songs.

But I'm not so crazy about her hair.

So the swollen eyes, coupled with my pink streak, has caused me to resemble…well, a clown.

A clown who has been in a bar fight.

And lost.

Just the kind of impression I was hoping to make at my signing this afternoon at the Mall of America.

Well, so anyway, there's not a lot more to report here. Oh, wait, since I started writing this, they called my flight, so I'm on the plane now, and the rest of the passengers are filing past me, and this one couple is talking about me, thinking I'm not listening, since I have my headphones on. And the lady goes, to the man, “I'm buying you pink shirts from now on,” and the man is like, “Really?” and she goes, “Yes.” Then she adds, “But not quite THAT bright.” Meaning my hair!!!!


PS As soon as the plane took off, my mini pink iPod stopped working. WHAT IS UP WITH THAT?????????????????

PPS I am in Minnesota now and there is an Apple store in the Mall of America, where my signing is at 3PM, so I can take my iPod there and yell at them. I feel much better now.

PPSS Also, there is some kind of anime conference in town, and I am not kidding about this: everyone has pink hair. EVERYONE. Well, some have green or blue hair. It is totally cool.

If you are in the Minneapolis/St Paul area, be sure to stop by the signing!

More later.