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Help! I've fallen behind, and I can't catch up.

I'm TRYING, but it's so HARD. Do you know what I mean? Maybe some of you feel the same way. Is it that time of year, or something? Residual lyme disease? Sun spots? Who knows.

I am WAY behind on my book that's due, um, next week (it was supposed to have been done January 1. Guess what? It won't be done by next week, either. Unless some book fairies come in the night and write it for me between now and then).

And then there's PRINCESS IN PINK, coming out on March 23. That's in less than two weeks, or something. I have SO many things I have to do to promote that book (including getting up at 5AM for SEVERAL DAYS in a row to go various places) and I'm not even done with the book I'm writing now!

And what about TV? I am so behind in TV viewing that sweeps is over, and now there's nothing to watch except what I have on TiVo.

I finally saw the Joan of Arcadia episode with the underwear photo on the cell phone. And I just didn't get it. Did I miss something? I liked the part with Adam at the end, but ultimately, there was no closure. Are Joan and Adam dating now or what? And what was the deal with revenge? Joan gave up on the idea, but she got a sprained ankle anyway. I don't get it. Am I the only one?

But I guess every show is allowed an off night. Like Charmed. Not that Charmed was ever that good…but Cole! Why did you have to leave to be on Nip/Tuck? Yes, it's a much better show, and you are often naked on it. But there are no witches on that show.
Charmed just hasn't been the same without the Source of All Evil.

I don't even understand the book I'm reading, Pompeii. Everyone was like, “It's so good,” and, I mean, it IS, but hello, could there BE more descriptions of aqueducts? Where is the big explosion? In the movie Volcano the explosion came pretty early on. In this book, it doesn't come until close to the end. I think if you're going to write a book called Pompeii, the explosion should happen fairly early in the book.

Maybe I'm missing the point. AGAIN.

I'm moving on to Leap Day, the YA book my friend Wendy Mass wrote, and which I hear is really good. I keep meaning to read it but I keep forgetting because I'm SO BEHIND.

Even my iPod is betraying me, the way my TV shows and books are. It keeps randomly blinking on and off in the middle of my workout. And it's NOT the battery. I think I may have to take it back to the store.

Still, I have downloaded some fun music for writing and exercising to lately. I am LOVING Damone. It is totally good music to write to. “Frustrated Unnoticed” could not be a better song. And I am distressingly fond of “Feel Bad Vibe” (but really, how could you not love any song that asks “Who's that in your Chevelle?” Because who has not wondered that very thing upon spying an ex with an unfamiliar girl in his car?)

And many of my readers are generously burning CDs for me (thank you, AM) or making stellar music recommendations.

A reader I met on my last book tour (I feel so bad, but I lost the bookmark she wrote her name on…I feel like it might have been Tiffani. If so, thanks, Tiffani!) suggested a CD called “The Shuffleboard Queens,” by Deirdre Flint, which I did go and buy (I could only find it on Amazon) and it's great! Deirdre reminds me a lot of Jill Sobule, another singer/songwriter I love.

“Shuffleboard Queens” has some very funny songs, including the “Boob Fairy” and another hilarious one about cheerleaders…though my favorite is “King of the Roller-Rama.” Younger readers might not understand just how cool it is to hear a song that mentions Leif Garrett or Jean Nate, but I think people my age do.

Good or bad, Britney's Toxic still remains my favorite workout tune (with Brave New Girl a close second). Shut up, all you Britney haters. Have you tried working out to Norah Jones? I tell you, it can't be done.

I like the Darkness, too. And Pink's new album. And Outkast, Ms. Dynamite, with a little Katy Rose and American Hi-Fi thrown in.

I love my iPod so much, I bought one of those pink iPod minis, in case there's an iPod breakdown in my home, and I find myself without a spare.

But guess what? The pink mini iPods are on back order! Who KNOWS when I'll finally get mine?

I'm so peeved.

So with all of that–leaving for my Princess in Pink tour at the end of the month…not having gotten my other book done…no pink mini-iPod, etc—I think you will agree that I really had no choice:

I went to my hair salon and got a bright pink streak dyed in my hair.

Seriously. I didn't dye the WHOLE thing pink. Just a streak. They had to bleach the streak first because my hair is so dark, and then dye it pink. It took forever!

But it turned out pretty cool, if I do say so myself. I wish I knew how to post a picture to my blog of my pink streak, but I don't think this blog software supports photos.

But if you come see me on one of my stops on my tour, you won't be able to keep from noticing my pink streak.

And I'll tell you what…it totally worked. I mean, I'm still behind and freaking out and everything.

But when I look in the mirror and see my pink streak, I feel…


Even though my friends keep asking when I'm leaving for the Metallica concert.

And my doorman asked if I'm punk now.

And my mom doesn't like it.

I don't care. I LOVE my pink streak.

OK, I have to get back to work. Hang in there…and remember:


Much love,


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