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The response to the Island Contest was overwhelming! And the vast majority of you were right…In the future, I will be dividing my time between Manhattan and Key West!

In case you're interested, some of the other islands people suggested I might be moving to include:

Long Island (17)
Rhode Island (22)
Captiva Island (4)
Big Pine Key (3)
Little Palm Isle (4)
Barbados (13)
Hawaii (7)
Puerto Rico (54)
Cuba (47. I feel that I should point out that Cuba is not the southernmost point on the continental US because Cuba is not part of the US. It is a separate country. However I understand that a lot of you have recently seen Dirty Dancing Havanna Nights, so may have gotten excited)
Staten Island (2)

But the correct answer is, of course, the island of Key West, and 311 of you got it right. Congratulations to the randomly chosen recipients of advanced reader copies of Princess in Pink (and sneak peeks at Princess Diaries 6):

Mandy M
Allison M
Stephanie H

These ladies have been individually notified that their copies are in the mail. To those of you who did not receive notification, don't worry. We'll be having lots more contests in the coming months, including one for free advanced reader copies of my summer release Teen Idol…and much, much more!

So in addition to the good news about my new house, I have even MORE great stuff to tell you (at least, I think it's great):

***I got advanced copies of Perfect Princess (not due in stores until March 23), my new book about the history of princesses, past present and pretend (as told by Mia, Michael, Grandmere, and the rest of the PD gang) in the mail the other day, and they are so cute! I can say that because I only wrote them, I didn't illustrate them. The illustrations are once again by Chesley McLaren (Princess Lessons) and they are SO adorable. She really outdid herself this time! Later this month I'll have a contest to give some of THOSE away.***

***1-800-Missing, the television series based on my 1-800-Where-R-You series, has been picked up for another season! So expect to see lots more episodes soon. Gloria Ruben will not be returning. Instead, a new character, played by Vivica Fox, will be introduced. I can't wait!***

***Good news for people who have been asking me to write a sequel to my new book Boy Meets Girl: I'm working on one now! It's called Every Boy's Got One. Like Boy Meets Girl, it's not EXACTLY a sequel (the same BMG was not EXACTLY a sequel to Boy Next Door). It features a few of the same characters from both BMG and BND though. And once again, everyone works for The New York Journal.***

***Looks like all systems are go for All American Girl, the movie! Filming is expected to begin this Fall. I can't wait to see how Raven Symone portrays Samantha Madison. I think Raven is a great actress and is going to make a hilarious Sam.***

***There are going to be fun Princess Diaries tie-ins to go with the new movie this summer. It looks like there will be Princess Diary stationary and sleepwear! Earlier this month there was a rumor that there would be dolls, but that appeared to be incorrect. Bummer. I would love my own Mia doll.***

In TV news:

OC: Poor Anna. Only when she's leaving do I finally start to like her. So long, Anna! I just saw you guest star on Judging Amy, so I know you'll find work elsewhere!

Joan of Arcadia: Don't tell me, I missed last week's episode, I still have it on Tivo.

Charmed: Ditto.

Gilmore Girls: Why did I choose THIS show to watch first on Tivo? I want my 40 minutes back.

ER: OK, I swore I wouldn't, but I watched the last one, the one with the tank. Is it my imagination, or was this episode slightly less maudlin/manipulative than usual? In any case, it was good.

Sweeps is over! Nothing but reruns until May (or so)! This is so wrong!

Books I've read:

Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown: Yeah, I read it. I was on a plane. So sue me. It was all right. But really, would a Frenchwoman wear leggings with a big sweater?

Under the Duvet by Marian Keyes: Excellent collection of essays. It is scary how much Marian and I have in common (can't drive, write in bed, no kids…spooky).

Deception Point by Dan Brown: THERE WAS NOTHING ELSE IN THE AIRPORT!!! I SWEAR!!!!!!!!

Guess who is coming to NYC? Jasper Fforde, the author of The Eyre Affair etc. My friend and I are going to go to his book signing. I'll let you know if he spills any secrets about the fourth book in the Thursday Next series.

OK, I seriously have to start writing this book for my publisher or they are going to kill me. It's due next week. I am so dead. More later.

Much love,


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