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Hi! I hope all of you had a good Valentine's Day, whether you spent it with your one true love or throwing Gummi Bears at the screen during 50 First Dates with your friends. I myself spent Valentine's Day in seclusion, working on a Princess Diaries surprise for all of you. Only I can't tell you what it is. Hence the word surprise. So don't ask. You'll find out in November.

Oh, and if you watched Princess Diaries on Saturday night and saw the clips from the next movie, weren't they cute? If you haven't read my blog entry about the 2nd film, it's in the January archives.

Anyway, it's mail time again, so let's get to it:

Dear Meg,

What is UP with the Mediator books? I know Haunted was the 5th book in the series, and that you wrote the first four under the name Jenny Carroll. But I can't find them ANYWHERE. Where can I buy them?

Jesse Loves ME!!!


Dear You Wish,

The Mediator series will be re-issued under my real name, with all new covers, in January 2005, along with Twilight, the new 6th book in the series. Until then, the first four books, which I wrote under the name Jenny Carroll, will slowly be going out of print. You can still buy them at Amazon or Barnes and Noble.com, but it's unlikely you'll find them in stores unless you ask to have them ordered for you.

When are you going to post the dates/locations for your Princess Diaries 5 tour? I want to meet you!!!!!

#1 Fan

Dear #1,

As soon as I have them! It should be in the next week or two.

Meg, there is something wrong with your Mediator books. That girl in them, Suze? She loves Jesse. But he's DEAD. So where on earth can their romance even go? It's so obvious she is going to have to end up with Paul. So what's the use of even reading the 6th book?

Bitter Anonymous Person


Dear Bitter,

Is it really obvious to you what's going to happen in Book 6? Perhaps you'd better read to the end of this mailbag.

Here's a letter I get a LOT:


Dear Meg,

As an author, you have an incredible opportunity to mold young minds. And yet your characters often take the name of the Lord in vain. This offends me, as I am a Christian. Also, many of your characters seem to think it's OK to have sex before marriage. I would like to ask that you think about the messages you are sending to young adults in your books.


Contrary to what Offended might believe, not everyone who reads my books is Christian. Nor are all of my characters. For all the author of this letter knows, I myself might not be Christian! But I don't really see how my religious beliefs are anyone's business but mine, however eager readers like this one might be to tell me about theirs.

If authors tried to write books that reflect the values of every religion in the world (and my books are published all over the globe, not just in the US, including predominantly Muslim and Jewish countries), they would go completely nuts. And the books would stink, too.

The thing is, I do think really hard about the messages I am sending to young adults in my books. They are messages I wish I'd seen in more books when I was growing up. Maybe then my adolescence wouldn't have been so horrible. For instance, I wish someone had told me back when I was fifteen that you can flunk Algebra—twice—and still go on to lead a happy and productive life…and possibly even go on to make way more money than any of the people who kept telling you back then that you were going to be this huge uber failure.

And while the messages in my books may not reflect everyone's personal beliefs, they are totally on par with my own.

If there are readers out there who are offended by my books, they should stop reading them, and try looking for reading material in the Christian or inspirational section of their local bookstore.

Meg, a long time ago you posted a playlist you listen to when you are writing. Can you post it again?


OK, because I get one million requests like this a day, I will repost a sample of songs from the list. I am not posting the ones I'm CURRENTLY listening to, because that kind of makes them not work for me anymore, as far as writing inspiration goes. Please don't email me asking me where you can find these songs, because I have collected them over many years and many of the CDs they are from are no longer for sale, except used. I know you guys are all super smart and can figure it out for yourself where to find them.

And I'm not going to say which song represents which character from which book, because if you listen to the songs (if you can find them) you will totally see for yourself which character/book series they fit.

Normal……………………..Annette Ducharme
Girl U Want…………………………….Devo
All Cheerleaders Die…………………..Switchblade Kitten
Infatuation……………………………..Christina Aguilera
Over It…………………………………..Halo Friendlies
Don't Wanna Behave…………………Dance Hall Crashers
One Way or Another………………….Mandy Moore
Let's Do It………………………………Joan Jett & Paul Westerberg

Dear Meg,

What are you TiVoing lately?

TV Grrrl

I'm so glad you asked that! Here is my TiVo list, with commentary:

Gilmore Girls: What is up with this show? Why doesn't Lorelei make a move on Luke? What is her freaking problem? Luke RULES. I am losing all patience with this show. And Rory: for the love of God, get over Jess. He is a LOSER. All you Jess lovers out there, flame me not. The guy treated her like dirt. She needs to move on. And soon, because there is a dearth of hot guys on this show right now. If only Chad Michael Murray would come back as a reformed Tristan….

The OC: I got what I wanted for my birthday! The OC stopped sucking! Oliver is gone! And Anna even stopped wearing so much make-up! It's a total Christmakkah miracle! OC, you're back, and I'm right there with you.

Charmed: Well, at least we finally found out who Chris is.

Joan of Arcadia: How much can one show rock? Just when I was getting a
ll depressed over the Adam thing, there was a kiss! And a party! And now, a love rival! I just wish they would quit with the dumb police cases. Who CARES about Chief Girardi's job? I want high school! All the time! More high school! YAY!

Sex and the City: Next week is the last episode of this show, and that makes me sad, because the episode I saw last Sunday night was the best one EVER! Of course, I have always been a huge Chris Noth fan (I have seen all of the episodes of Law and Order he was on) and even when he treated Carrie badly, I knew cute Detective Logan was under there somewhere. AND I WAS RIGHT!!!! I can't wait for the finale. But if it's something lame like they get married, I'll be mad. I just hope it ends with them agreeing to give it one more try or something. That would be fine by me.

ER: OK, this show completely lost me when they made the helicopter fall on Rocket Romano, my favorite character. I was so looking forward to him having a romance with Corday, whom he clearly loved, and having her reform him. But no. They killed him. And any interest I used to have in this show. Also, personal note to Carter for sending that letter to Nurse Abby last season: I will never ever stop hating you or the writers of this show for turning you into such a jerk.

Dear Meg,

Read anything good lately?


I'm so glad you asked! Here is what I've enjoyed reading lately:

This Rough Magic by Mary Stewart–Sadly this book is out of print. Which is a shame, because Mary Stewart RULES! Her books have EVERYTHING that I like in them, including:

1) Animals, and people being nice to them
2) Humor. Also very beautiful descriptions of food
3) Romance, but not dumb romance, good, believable, this couple-so-belongs together romance
4) Mystery
5) Happy Endings (except the Arthurian series she did which ARE still in print but I hate King Arthur books due to the sad ending so I haven't read these).

Some good books by Mary Stewart that ARE in print are Nine Coaches Waiting and My Brother Michael, which also happens to be Nora Roberts favorite book of all time (or so I read in an interview with her, I don't actually know her).

Other books:

The Idiot-Girls Action Adventure Club by Laurie Notaro–If you like funny essays about being fat and drunk, this is the book for you. I am currently enjoying the sequel, Diary of a Fat Bride, which is about being fat, drunk, and married. Since I am not allowed to drink anymore due to lyme, I have to get my kicks from reading about it.

The Partly Cloudy Patriot by Sarah Vowell–I read this book a long time ago, but it's worth re-reading, especially during this election year. Hilarious but thought provoking essays on what it REALLY means to be an American.

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time by Mark Haddon–This book is told from the point of view of someone with autism. It's really, really good. And even funny. Sort of.

The Beekeeper's Apprentice by Laurie R King–I am not a Sherlock Holmes fan but you don't have to be to enjoy Laurie R King's series about Sherlock Holmes and his wife (in the original Sherlock Holmes books, by Arthur Conan Doyle, Sherlock has no wife). Normally I don't approve of authors stealing other author's characters and using them for their own profit. But Ms. King writes so well, I am willing to overlook this. There are six books in the Mary Russell series so far. I hope Ms. King hurries up and writes more.

Hey, Meg! I heard you finished Mediator 6, Twilight. When do we get to see a sneak preview?

Sorry, Jesse Loves ME!!!!!!

Dear You Wish #2,

How about now?

“You want me to make your boyfriend disappear?” Paul asked.

His body was warm against mine, so there was no other explanation for why my heart went suddenly cold as

ice, except that his words terrified me to the point that my blood seemed to freeze in my veins.

“We have an agreement,” I said, my tongue and lips forming the words with difficulty because they, like my

heart, had gone ice cold with dread.

“I promised I wouldn't kill him,” Paul said. “I didn't say anything about keeping him from dying in the first


I blinked up at him, uncomprehending.

“What…what are you talking about?” I stammered.

“You figure it out,” he said. He leaned down and kissed me lightly on my frozen

lips. “Good night, Suze.”

Longer sneak peek will be posted later.

OK, that's it for now. I have to go start a book that's due March 15. Michele is working on some more letters of advice for you all, so that will be posted later in the month!