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Valentine’s Day Shocker!

So I was innocently watching Extreme Makeovers tonight (why is this show so good? I KNOW it's wrong to like it so much, and yet….) when this ad for The Princess Diaries came on ABC. Get this:

They are showing it for the first time ever on non-cable TV on VALENTINE'S DAY!!!!!!!!!

Even more alarming: Julie Andrews and Anne Hathaway are hosting this special network premiere, and showing CLIPS FROM THE SEQUEL!!!!

Do not let this development derail your Valentine's Day Riot plans. If you have already scheduled something for 8:30PM EST, calmly insert a tape into the VCR, or schedule your TiVo to record the movie. If you HAVEN'T scheduled anything for Saturday night…well, now you have something to do.

Now back to your regularly scheduled blog.