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So, it's the holidays. I don't know. I kind of like them. My husband
and I don't really do anything to celebrate them, except eat a lot.
Like we don't do Hannukah or a Christmas tree.

Also, I hate New Years, because you can never get a cab home, and it's
usually like 10 degrees outside and you're wearing fishnets and high
heels and walking through snow. So I always try to make up an excuse
to stay home whenever possible.

But this doesn't mean I don't like the holidays.

At my house, which is really an apartment because I live in New York
City, we usually celebrate Hannukah/Xmas/New Years by watching a lot of
holiday movies. Because it's less of a pain than celebrating the holidays
ourselves, and there's nothing to clean up. My favorite holiday
movies, in order, are:

1) Scrooge, the musical (1970, with Peter Finney. It's so lame. But
my assistant/friend Julie and I watch it every year, and she says all the
lines along with Tiny Tim. She's hilarious)
2) A Christmas Story (set in Indiana, so a must-see)
3) Home for the Holidays (Robert Downey Jr is so funny)
4) Scrooged (Bill Murray rules)
5) Groundhog Day (technically not a holiday movie, but see above)
6) Christmas Vacation (Chevy Chase rules too, but not as hard as Bill)
7) The Ref, and
8) It's a Wonderful Life

I know there are a lot of other great holiday movies, but those are the
only ones I happen to own.

Anyway, this year we won't even be watching movies, because we're going
to Florida for the break, and staying in a hotel. Hopefully some of
those movies will be on TV, although unless there's a TV by the pool, I
probably won't see them. Because I plan on spending my week off
lounging in the sun and gearing up for all the book tours I have in 2004 (one in January, one in April, one in July, and one in September!!!!!!!) not to mention the books I have due,
like All American Girl 2, and Princess Diaries 6, and whatever else.

But before I go, I just wanted to post a quick holiday message to all
of you, and that's this:

However you celebrate them, I hope this year's holidays are the best
ever. One way you could make this happen is, if you go to a party,
don't sit in a corner until it's time to go home. Introduce yourself
to some people! Yes, you will feel like a dork, but I just read this
study that says that people who ACT like they're having fun actually
have more fun than people who sit around and sulk. Seriously. You
can't make that kind of thing up.

And I don't consider acting like you're having fun being fake, either,
because if it has actual medical benefits (which acting happy does–it
actually does make people feel happier to ACT happy) it can't be bad.

Besides, when I was in the 4th grade and these girls used to call me a
baby all the time because I liked The Waltons and everyone else liked
Three's Company, which my parents wouldn't let me watch (don't ask), my
dad told me to act like it didn't bother me, and so I did, and the
minute I did, those girls quit bugging me, and we became friends (sort of).

So this is proof that acting happy can have positive results.

Try it. It might surprise you.

So my holiday wish for you is: either have fun, or get out there and
ACT like you're having fun. You won't be sorry.

And hey–happy holidays!



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