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Hey! Hope you guys are digging out from this past weekend's blizzard, and keeping away from the flu bug that's going around. I also hope you're enjoying the new sample chapter we put onto the Princess Diaries page for Princess in Pink. More updates to www.megcabot.com will be coming soon!

Don't forget to check out www.jennycarroll.com, too. I (well, Dave, my web designer) put up the new covers for the 1-800-Where-R-U books, which should be in stores soon, under my real name (uh, Meg Cabot, for those of you who keep asking)! They look, as Seth from The OC would say, minty. Dave's also put up the long lost Mediator short story from Pulse magazine on the Mediator page (www.jennycarroll.com). Thanks, Dave!

I couldn't think of anything to write this week, so I thought I'd make a few lists. Not Christmukkah lists. Just a list of Things I Hate versus Things I Love. It's that time of year, don't you think? I mean, I love the holidays, but–

Things I Hate:

–When I get out of bed and right away step in cat barf like I did this morning.

–Parties. Seriously. I know everybody else likes them, but I hate them, and always have. Like, I would rather give a speech in front of 300 people than go to a party of 30 people. Since it's holiday time, I've been getting invited to a lot of parties, and, well. Ew. No offense to the people giving them. Just have mercy on us less-than-social people and give us a chair in the corner to sit on, preferably near a TV that is on.

Hollywood Squares. Don't those actors and actresses or whoever they are who are sitting in those squares worry that the whole thing might fall down on them one day? Because it could. It looks totally rickety. I would never climb into that thing. I hate this show so much, I can't even LOOK at it. Seriously. Like when I flip on CBS and it's on, I have to change the channel super fast.

–People who put their stuff on the conveyer belt at the grocery store really close to your stuff, and then don't put that plastic separator stick between their groceries and yours. This burns me up. I realize I just have to say, No, that's not mine, to the cashier if he/she picks up something that's not mine. It's just that I shouldn't HAVE to. This is why I've started ordering all of my groceries online, and having them delivered. No conveyer belt agony.

Cat in the Hat the movie: Okay, yeah, I haven't seen it, but I hate it. As every right thinking human being should. It�s just wrong in every way. If you've ever read Half Magic by Edward Eager you know why cats shouldn't be allowed to talk.

7th Heaven. This used to be the show I never wanted to admit to anyone that I watched, but that I couldn't miss. I can't stand half the characters now. The only one I like is Matt's wife and she's not even related to the Camdens. Lucy acts like a total sociopath. I would go out and get myself shot if I were that cop husband of hers. And what's with Ruthie's hair? Why was it curly when she was little, and now it's straight? Hello, blow-outs are so 2002. Get with the program, 7th Heaven. Joan of Arcadia has totally taken over as the God show I can't stand to miss. Joan rules.

Things I love:
–My brand new niece, Maddie B. Cabot. Even though she can't really do anything yet but lay there. But I am so getting her the Samantha American Girl doll when she's old enough. Like in 7 years.

Rich Girls. I know it's a stupid show. I know most people like The Simple Life better. But I love Ally and Jaime. I love their theory on how people in the Midwest NEED to put things in the pockets of their cargo pants, for when they go to work out in the fields. I am from the Midwest, and I have never worked out in a field. Well, except for like once but I quit right away. Ally and Jaime, you rule. Keep on talking about going to Ethiopia to save those starving kids. God bless.

–The new Harry Potter trailer (www.azkaban.com). Does this look like it's going to be good, or what??? I am already addicted to that creepy song the choir is singing. Also, what's up with Harry looking so minty?

–The Provincial Lady's diaries by E.M. Delafield. I am digging these books. Nothing really happens in them. Which is what I like about them. Because enough stuff happens in real life. I don't need to have stuff happen in the books I read, too.

–My new iPod.

And that's about it, really.

Um, OK. That's it for now. Study hard, I know a lot of you have Finals now. Good luck. And to those of you with the flu, get well soon! And PS, send me your lists. I love reading other people's lists.