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My Bad Week

Hello. I've had a terrible week and since so many of you write to me to share your ups and downs (mostly downs…why is that, by the way?) I thought I'd share mine.

First, on Sunday, my laptop died. Just died. It's been through a lot in the two years since I bought it…a half dozen novels, a couple of book tours, several spilled cans of Tab, not to mention at least one Blaster worm, and boatloads of viruses. So I don't really mind turning it in for a new one.


You know how people are always telling you to back up your documents, and you're like, “Yeah, whatever”? Well, when my laptop died, I hadn't backed up anything on it in quite a while. So works in progress such as Princess Diaries 6; the next trade paperback I'm doing for Avon (both due, um, sometime soon); the most recent version of Mediator 6 (still no title, sorry); All American Girl 2; and another book I've been writing that no one has actually purchased, much less seen yet, but which I'm almost finished with–

Poof. Gone. Just like that.

I totally panicked of course–at least until a kind geek took pity on me and had me send the whole thing off to him in Indiana (people in Indiana always know how to fix stuff. Why is that?) and while he was unable to save the laptop, he was able to salvage my novels and email them back to me–and in a really timely fashion too, with the help of UPS.

Speaking of which, to the people at the UPS Store on 1st Avenue: I'm really sorry I went over and screamed at you when my laptop didn't arrive in Indiana on Tuesday morning like you said it would. It got there Tuesday afternoon. While I was yelling at you. I can only plead temporary insanity because I thought the computer was lost and my career was over and I was going to have to go back to working at Rax Roast Beef wearing those green polyester pants and that hideous visor again….

Which reminds me:

Can I just reiterate ONE MORE TIME how important geeks are to the universe? Girls, if you know a geek, ASK HIM OUT RIGHT NOW. Or at least tell him that he looks nice in that shirt, or something. I highly, highly, highly recommend being nice to geeks, because they can totally save you when you do something stupid like forget to back up your novels.

And another thing. My computer might have lasted a bit longer if it wasn't for the near constant barrage of viruses it withstood this summer. And who do I blame for those viruses? Not the geeks who sent them. No, I blame the girls who won't go out with the geeks who sent them. Seriously, girls: If every one of you would just do your part and date a geek, that is one less geek who will be sitting at home sending viruses to Meg Cabot. I know it's asking a lot, but I've dated my fair share of geeks for the cause, and it's time for you to return the favor.

And you must believe me when I say that geeks age better than jocks. The geeks I went to high school with look MUCH BETTER NOW than most of the jocks I went to high school with. And geeks ALWAYS have jobs. Really, take a moment to think about all the girls who didn't go out with Bill Gates. THINK ABOUT HOW THEY FEEL RIGHT NOW. And then look at the geek next to you on the bus and give him a gummy bear or SOMETHING. ANYTHING to make them stop sending viruses to me.

Anyway. Back to my bad week.

So now I have no laptop to use in bed which is where I do most of my writing, and though I never thought I'd say this, when I go to buy a new one this weekend, guess what? It's going to be a Mac. I just can't take it anymore–the viruses and the Windows updates and the Black Ice and the blah blah blah. None of that will matter when I have my new Mac, which are rumored to be immune to all viruses and worms.

Okay, so the other bad thing that happened to me this week doesn't apply to you readers in the US, so you can skip down to the end of the next paragraph. But for you readers in England: yeah, I got the scoop wrong on Mediator 5–also known as Haunted here in the US, Grave Doubts in your neck of the woods. It's not coming out in England until January 2006. I am not joking. So to everyone in the UK that I sent a flyer to, telling you to look for Mediator 5 this January…sorry. It's coming out TWO YEARS from this January.

But think of it this way: Haunted–which is the same book as Grave Doubts, minus one chapter, but it's more an intro than a real chapter–is coming out in paperback here in the US in a couple of months, which makes it just a few clicks away on Amazon or Barnes and Noble.com!

Now, will everybody who lives in Toronto PLEASE come to see me next weekend when I go to Canada? Here is where I will be:

Saturday, November 1, at 1PM:
2300 Younge Street
Toronto, Canada
call 416-544-0049 for directions/questions


Sunday, November 2 at 10AM
Globe and Mail
Books and Brunch
King Edward Hotel
10:00 am-12:00 pm
Tickets available from
Nicholas Hoare
I will be signing at this event with the totally cool Susan Juby, author of one my fave YAs out right now, Alice, I Think ( the sequel. Miss Smithers, will be out this spring…YAY! I can't wait).

So come see me! Please! I don't get to Canada that often!

Okay, that's it for now. I hope all of you have a better week than I'm having. And you probably will, too, if you take these three simple steps:

1) Back up your novels
2) Be kind to geeks
3) Don't yell at the UPS workers. It's not their fault.



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