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Happy July!

I hope you're all having a great summer. I know I am…I spent the last month in Connecticut working on Mediator 6 (sorry, no title yet–and it won't be in stores until the end of 2004 at the earliest). I was supposed to spend the month relaxing by the pool, but as those of you who live on the East Coast know, last month was the rainiest June on record. Still, I managed to get in some pool time towards the end. For those of you who care, Henrietta the one eyed cat did NOT enjoy the country, and is very happy to be home in Manhattan.

There's so much going on in July, I feel like I need a special calendar with extra big squares on it to cram in everything that's happening! First up, we're off to Bloomington, IN to celebrate the 4th and have some fun at our friends' farm. Then I think I'm off to Los Angeles to help promote 1800Missing, the new Lifetime series based on my 1800WhereRU books (go to http://www.jennycarroll.com to read more about those). The series will air Saturdays at 10PM on Lifetime starting August 2. Don't miss it!

Then I'm back to Manhattan for the Romance Writer of America's national convention. I'm even up for an award for my adult romance, The Boy Next Door (check out the pseudo-sequel in stores in January 2004–a sample chapter will go up on http://www.meggincabot.com soon)! If you're in New York on July 16th, stop by the literacy signing at the Hilton New York (1335 Ave of the Americas) between 6:00 and 7:00, where'll I'll be signing copies of The Boy Next Door. All proceeds from sales at the literacy signing go to help promote, um, literacy.

But wait, that's not all! On July 22, the newest installment of The Princess Diaries–Princess Diaries 4 and 1/2, Project Princess–goes on sale in stores everywhere, right alongside the paperback edition of All American Girl. Project Princess will be available for the low, low price of $2.99 (well, it is pretty short), so be sure to buy tons of copies–all of my proceeds will go to the Lower Eastside Girl's Club (http://www.girlsclub.org) here in New York City!

I'll be taking off for more summer vacay at the end of July, but not before my July 30th book signing at the Barnes and Noble on Union Square…in fact, they're promoting the event as Princess in the Park, so I guess I'll be, um, in the park. Starting at 5PM. Be sure to bring sunscreen! And your tiara!

I hope to spend August lounging by the pool and working on some new books, including Princess Diaries 6 and All American Girl 2. Look for a sample chapter from Princess in Pink (Princess Diaries 5) to go up on this website in the coming months…and stay cool!

See you in the Fall!


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