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Hi, everybody!

I'm so excited to have a diary of my own, at last! After writing so many entries into Mia's diaries, I realized I really need a place to record my OWN thoughts, as well as to let readers know what's up with the books. So…here I am! Thanks for visiting my on-line diary!

So much has been going on since I came back from my Princess in Waiting/Princess Lessons book tour (where I met hundreds of enthusiastic Mia fans–thanks so much for coming, all of you)! One thing I kept hearing over and over from the readers I met on tour was: “Is Princess Diaries 4 the last book in the series???” Of course not! I just finished Book 5, and am thinking about 6 right now (well, not RIGHT now since I'm writing this, but you know what I mean. But more on Book 5 in a minute).

Another thing people kept asking me about was the Princess Diaries movie–will there be a sequel? Well, while I was in Los Angeles I met with the producer of the movie of The Princess Diaries, and found out a ton of stuff about the sequel–it's going to be in theaters in Summer 2004! The movie's sequel isn't going to be based on any of the books in the series, though. It's going to be a whole new story made up just for the big screen (and no, I'm not mad about that–I really liked the first movie, and expect to love the sequel just as much…also, they still have to pay me, even though I didn't write the story. So it's a win-win situation!). Julie Andrews, Anne Hathaway, Hector Elizondo, Heather Matarazzo, and many members of the original cast will be coming back for the sequel, which will be directed by Garry Marshall. Here's a quote from Mr. Marshall himself on what we can expect to see: “It takes place in Genovia. (Mia)'s going back to be the princess and eventually run the country. And we have a moment where all the princesses from all the countries come together to see if they can do something about the state of the world.''

Yay! I can't wait to see it. I actually know more, but guess what? I'm not telling. I want it to be a surprise!

But wait! I have MORE news from Hollywood:
The Lifetime Network, with Lions Gate Television, is busy filming episodes of a new TV series based on my YA series 1-800-Where R U, which I wrote under the pseudonym Jenny Carroll! I've seen the pilot, and it's really fun! The series is about a teen psychic who partners with the FBI to find missing children. The series will take place in Indiana, just like the books, but really, they're filming it in Toronto (don't tell!). Look for 1-800-Missing (that's just the working title for the series–it will probably change) on Lifetime in August!

I bet you thought with all this film stuff, I haven't had any time to work on any new books. Not so! Look for Project: Princess, the 4-1/2th installment of the Princess Diaries, detailing Mia's adventures with the gang on Spring Break, on sale in US stores for $2.99 in August, alongside the paperback edition of All American Girl. And since all of my proceeds from the sale of Project: Princess will go to the Lower East Side Girls Club, I strongly advise you to buy tons of extra copies of this limited edition, extra special Mia installment for your friends! It would be extremely princess-y of you, as the Lower East Side here in Manhattan could really use a girl's club!

I know a lot of you are off to summer camp for fun in the sun…I wish I could say I was about to do the same. But I've got a busy summer lined up working on more books for you. First up is a pseudo-sequel to a book for adults published last year called The Boy Next Door. The pseudo-sequel (not really a sequel, but with some of the same characters), called Boy Meets Girl, will be out in January 2004. It will be followed, in March of 2004, by….

…Ta da! Princess Diaries 5, Princess in Pink, in which Mia has her heart broken (but also possibly repaired), gains a new baby sister or brother, and loses a best friend (but also possibly gets her back again). I can't really tell you the details, but I can tell you one thing: one couple is definitely breaking up in Book 5. You'll have to read it to find out which one, though!

In March 2004 you should also be on the look out for Perfect Princess, another fabulous guide from Mia and the gang about–what else?–princesses, past, present, and pretend. The very royal Chesley McLaren will again be lending her illustrations, and the result should be every bit as pleasantly pink as this year's Princess Lessons.

And in the meantime, I will be frantically trying to finish up Mediator 6 (yes, Suze will be back, by popular demand) as well as a sequel (of sorts) to All American Girl. Why of sorts? You'll see!

As you can tell by all that (phew! I'm tired just from listing it all), I'll be quite busy in the next couple of months. Thanks to all of you for keeping me that way! And keep those emails and letters coming. I can't always answer them all, but your thoughts on Mia, Suze, Samantha, and the rest are very much appreciated. Check back here for periodic updates, while I try to keep up with all my deadlines!



PS Henrietta says hello. Well, not really, because she can't talk. But she would like some Pounce, so I have to go give it to her. Who could resist that little one-eyed face????

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