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There’s a new feature on this site that you may not have noticed–Meg Cabot News. This is the first link under Cool Stuff (at the top of the Homepage), and will now be the quickest way for readers to find out what’s happening in Meg Cabot Land…. …as opposed to having to scroll through tons […]


I just got home from the hospital. I had to go in for some tests because ever since I got back from Europe I’ve had a) a weird buzzing feeling in my head, and b) this weird sensation that something is stuck in my throat. If you are like some people in my family—and perhaps […]

Author Resolutions for 2007

1) I will not check my book’s ranking on Amazon.com or Barnesandnoble.com. At least, not every 3.6 minutes. 2) I will brush, or at the very least attempt to style, my hair before book signings. 3) I will not put my name in Technorati.com or Google Blog Search to see what people are saying about […]

True Conversation

So I called my friend Beth because I was feeling a little depressed. But Beth, who works in the same office I used to work in, before I quit to write full time four years ago, was busy talking to a parent whose kid didn't like the room he'd been assigned for the summer. She […]

Coaster Rica

Okay, so I grew up in a household without coasters. My mother may have OWNED coasters, but if so, I never saw any, and she certainly never made us use them. A current member of my household (hint: it is not Henrietta), on the other hand, is a coaster owner. AND user. Now, I am […]


Hey! So how was your Meg Cabot Day? Mine was okay. Thanks for all your emails of support and congratulation, and special thanks to everyone who showed up at my signing at the Bloomington Barnes and Noble. I saw lots of old friends (as well as my 2nd grade teacher, Mrs. Frye, and Ida Medlyn, […]