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So there have been a lot of rumors flying around about me lately, and I would like to take this opportunity to correct them here and now. Rumor #1:Is it true Drake Bell is going to star as David in the movie of “All-American Girl”? Answer:No, because there is not going to be a movie […]


I will be posting the winning entry of the CATEGORY SEVEN recap contest after the contest deadline has passed tomorrow night, and I have had time to read all the entries. In the meantime, I hope you will enjoy my answers to these FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS: ***Meg, why isn't there anything about HOLIDAY PRINCESS on […]

Spoiler Time

Okay, hi, sorry, I just have a minute because I'm trying to finish Princess Diaries 7, so I have no time/creativity left to write a real blog entry. So instead, I'm posting another sneak peek at TWILIGHT, Mediator 6. All of the Mediator series–about a teenaged girl who can see and speak to ghosts–Shadowland, Ninth […]


Hello. I have recovered from my weasels (it turns out there IS a cure for the weasels: it's called tubing. That's when you sit on a big rubber raft that's being pulled behind a very fast boat. TOTALLY FUN. It thoroughly destroys all weasels, and you feel kind of rubbery for hours afterwards. I highly […]

Twilight Back Cover Copy

Hi! Short post because I'm packing to leave for FL this week, so communication will be sketchy, but I just wanted to say: 1) THANKS SO MUCH to all of you for the cat collar advice. It worked, and Henrietta appears to be fully adjusted (well, to the collar. She will never be FULLY adjusted). […]

Naked People

More on the naked people in a minute. First, I wanted to say that I had a very good birthday, mostly due to the HUNDREDS of people who emailed birthday salutations to me. Seriously, you guys are SO COOL, thank you SO much for thinking of me. I totally plan on emailing each and everyone […]


I always HATED going back to school. I especially hated the part where everyone had new clothes, because I never did, or if I did, they were the wrong kinds. When I was in middle school it was all about designer jeans and my mom wouldn't buy me any because she said it was stupid […]