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FAQs from the Book Festival

Did I have an amazing time in California at the LA Times Festival of Books? Why yes, I did . . . . . . until the tacos I had the other night came back up in the airport security line yesterday morning at LAX. I had them at a really fancy restaurant so I […]

Runaway Book Tour, Day 1

I’m posting this as I jet across the country toward LA, tens of thousands of feet in the air, thanks to my Go Go in-flight Wi Fi service, which better work because I paid $12.95 for it, and my in-seat TV is broken, which is typical of my day so far, since I woke at […]

Ash Cloud vs. Al Roker

In case you haven’t heard (how could you not have?) a giant cloud of volcanic ash is consuming most of the air space over Europe. Do you think if instead of being all, “It’s so COOL to read about a world where there isn’t enough food to go around and everything sucks. I wish that […]

Stark, Seventeen, Insatiable

Hi. I’m posting this while on the run from Stark Corporate.

Runaway: Win The Book! See The Video! Check Out The Tour!

In my new book, Runaway, Em Watts is on the run from people who want her out of the way . . . permanently. I feel a bit like I’m on the run myself right now (not from people who want to kill me, so much as from bronchitis), there’s so much going on! But […]

25 Things You Don’t Know About…

…Meg and Christmas! 1. My favorite Christmas movie is A Christmas Story. Luckily for me, they show this movie all day on December 25. 2. But I also love It’s A Wonderful Life. 3. And Die Hard!


What’s that you keep asking me? When are you going to get to see the cover to Runaway, the final book in the Airhead series? Why, that’d be today! I got the final manuscript turned in, the revisions completed, and now I’m just awaiting copy edits (a copy editor works to improve the formatting, accuracy, […]