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Meg-A-Readers, I Wanna Rock, Other

Here's an update on a few things readers seem to want to know about (besides why my site looks so different, which I've explained already, and my nine houseguests): The Meg-A-Reader program: The Meg-A-Reader program is a promotional club thingie that my US publisher is doing, similar to my UK publisher's Meg Ambassador program. The […]

Grrls Who Rock

Time for a giveaway! In honor of my new book SIZE 14 IS NOT FAT EITHER coming out tomorrow, we're having a GrrlRocker giveaway! As you may know by now, Heather Wells, the former-teen-popstar-turned-amateur-sleuth heroine of SIZE 12 IS NOT FAT is returning for an encore performance. And to celebrate this fact, the awesome band […]


What an insane week! Here's the rundown: –First, I voted. –Then I went to Puerto Rico for a book signing and my publisher's sales conference. –Then Britney filed for divorce while I was on the plane. –Then by the time I got off the plane, the Democratic party had won a majority in both houses […]

Lindsay, Put On Some Pants!

Oh, Lindsay. But before we get to Lindsay, check out who I met when I was on the show “10!” in Philadelphia yesterday: Sandi Thom. She was very cool (even if her bandmates did eat all the chocolate doughnuts in the green room). I got her CD. It's fab. (Thanks to Michele Jaffe for enlightening […]

Princess Diaries Lowdown

Princess Diaries 7 is on sale already! Well, okay, ALL my YAs at Barnes and Noble.com are part of the “biggest kids book sale ever” in the Teen Section, including Princess Diaries 7, Party Princess. Which doesn't mean you can get PARTY PRINCESS before March 28. But it will arrive on your doorstep on March […]

He Who Shall Not Be Named In This Blog Reviews Gwen Stefani’s Hollaback Girl

“That is the stupidest song I've hever heard.” !!!!!!! Then he went, “And stop talking about me in your blog!” More later. Much love, Meg

Media Round Up

OK, so my TiVo erased everything I taped while I was on tour because I set it at FINE quality recording instead of HIGH and there were only 21 hours of memory left and it all got eaten up by the BBC America show, HOUSE DOCTOR, which is on like 5 times a day. So […]


Wow. Thanks so much for the hundreds of birthday messages and greetings. I don't know how I will ever get through them all, there are so many, but I will certainly try. It's very reassuring to know that there are so many people out there whose moms are older than I am. Thank you. I […]


Summer is a good time to catch up on your TBR (to be read) list, and also to go to the movies, since everything (except on Fox—and maybe the WB and the N) is a rerun. So I thought I would tell you what I've been reading and watching, and maybe, if you're bored, you […]


Help! I've fallen behind, and I can't catch up. I'm TRYING, but it's so HARD. Do you know what I mean? Maybe some of you feel the same way. Is it that time of year, or something? Residual lyme disease? Sun spots? Who knows. I am WAY behind on my book that's due, um, next […]