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Insatiable Book Trailer/PW Review

I can’t believe it’s less than three weeks until Insatiable comes out! I’m super excited about it. Because in times like these—when volcanic ash is spewing all over one part of the world, and oil is gushing up from the ocean in another, and we’re apparently going to be without new episodes of Law and […]

Insatiable on the Bidding Block

Now you have a chance to bid on an exclusive sneak peek (and autographed) copy of my new book for adult readers, Insatiable (my first paranormal for adults, not due in stores until June 8), AND do some good for the flooded city of Nashville! Just go here and bid!

Q and A

I’ve been getting tons of questions recently—everything from “Should I go to the prom even though prom sucks?” to “Does my liking Taylor Swift make me not a feminist?” to “Can I get a copy of your new book Insatiable to review for my book site?” to “Is it true that blond girl from Life […]

Stark, Seventeen, Insatiable

Hi. I’m posting this while on the run from Stark Corporate.

Meg’s Do’s and Don’ts for a Long-Lasting Relationship

Happy Easter and Passover! And of course to those of you who celebrate the NCAA (as at least one person has been doing in my house all weekend), happy that, too! For those of you who missed it, on April 1 I celebrated my 17th wedding anniversary (obviously, I was a child bride). Many have […]


Busted! I was kind of trying to keep a low profile about my adult Summer 2010 release because a) I’m still tweaking it (it’s kind of hard to finish a book when your husband breaks his ankle!), and