About The Princess Diaries Series

I got the idea for The Princess Diaries when my mother, after my father's death in 1994, started dating one of my college professors. I began writing a book about a girl who is upset about her mother dating her Algebra teacher. I made the girl in the book a princess because my mom used to joke that when I was little, I thought my "real parents" were a king and queen who were going to come and take me away to live in a castle. I'm still waiting..

I originally intended the Princess Diaries series to be a 16 book series, following all four years of a reluctant princess's American high school education, with four books in each school year.

However, I had a very hard time getting the first book published, let alone convincing a publisher to buy a 16 book series! The Princess Diaries was rejected by almost every publishing house in America. I finally sold the first book to my American publisher, but they were only interested in ONE stand alone book. Fortunately my UK publisher was interested in more-but still, only three books in a series that was supposed to be 16 books!

That's why at the end of the third book, it seems like it really is THE END. It sort of was.because I thought there'd be no more books, because my publishers wouldn't buy any more from me! I was soooo sad. I had so many more plans for Mia.. but I couldn't get anybody to buy them!

Happily, when Disney bought the film rights and the movie was "greenlighted," both publishers realized there might be demand for more books, and went ahead and said they'd buy the proposals I'd submitted for books 4-6.and then my proposals for the ½ books and the "Lessons" and "Perfect Princess" and "Holiday" books.then my proposals for books 7-9.then finally my proposal for book 10 (the UK has also published many "annuals" in addition to the books in the US).

So I ended up getting my 16 books published after all--just not quite in the way I'd hoped.but that's fine, because Mia's story is told!

Will there be more than 16 books? Will we still hear from Mia after Princess Diaries 10, Forever Princess? I'm not sure right now. I know she needs a rest, and so do I. But you'll be the first to know if and when I do decide to write a new book.

I hope you'll enjoy The Princess Diaries series. I had a blast writing them, and love Princess Mia and all her friends as if they were real people (to me, they sort of are).



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