Meg Cabot 2015 Appearances (so far)

All events subject to change. Please check with venue.

Book Event & Signing at Books & Books
Wednesday, July 01, 2015, 8:00PM
265 Aragon AVE Coral Gables, FL 33134
More information

60th Annual IRA Conference
Keynote Speaker at YA Literature Luncheon
July 19, 2015
St. Louis, MO

Decatur Book Festival
Friday, September 04, 2015
601 W Ponce de Leon Ave
Decatur, GA 30030

Columbus Children’s Book Festival
Keynote Speaker
September 18 to 19, 2015
Columbus, GA

Flica Festival/Brazilian Tour
October 22 to 29, 2015
Cities to be announced

November 13 to 14, 2015
Charleston, SC

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Frequently Asked Questions About Book Tours


Q: Will Meg come to my city? How can I get Meg to come to my town?

A: Meg can only go to events sponsored by bookstores or libraries that have invited her. If you would like your bookstore or library to host a book signing or speaking event featuring Meg, ask your local bookseller or librarian to contact Meg’s publisher. Please note that while there are lots of stores and libraries that request her, there is only one Meg—and sadly, she doesn’t have time to go everywhere she’s invited, and still write books!

Q: Does Meg speak at schools?

A: Meg does occasionally speak at schools, although generally only when she is already going to be on tour promoting a new release. Contact her publisher if you have a special event taking place at which you’d like to invite Meg to speak. Again, Meg receives many invitations to speak, but sadly can’t accept them all!

Q: My book or writing-related organization is hosting an event and I would like Meg to be the guest speaker.

A: That’s great! Meg travels a lot for her publishers, but sometimes she has availability to speak at book conferences or other events. Contact Pam Jaffee ( or Laura Langlie (

Q: How many books will Meg sign at a signing?

A: Meg will sign and personalize any books purchased at the store hosting the event. Different bookstores have different rules regarding the number of books they will allow customers to bring from home for signing (generally four is the limit). It’s important to check with the bookstore first, though, before bringing any books from home.

Q: Can I have my picture taken with Meg?

A: Absolutely!