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Runaway: Win The Book! See The Video! Check Out The Tour!

In my new book, Runaway, Em Watts is on the run from people who want her out of the way . . . permanently. I feel a bit like I’m on the run myself right now (not from people who want to kill me, so much as from bronchitis), there’s so much going on! But […]

Movie News: Avalon High and The Mediator

As we gear up for Oscar night (I’ve seen 8 of the 10 Best Picture nominees, and am about to see #9! How about you? Best Movie Ever, Oscar Edition, coming to this blog soon!), I just got movie news of my very own. Read it here first… (…or not because it was already in […]

Thanks, Olympics

Dear Olympics, Now that our relationship is coming to an end, I just want to thank you. I will admit that things got off to a rocky start between us. All I really knew about you at first was that you were going to pre-empt a lot of my favorite shows (30 Rock, Mercy, etc), […]

Sometimes, Bad Can Be Good

This past week He Who Shall Not Be Named In This Blog has been passing a bunch of kidney stones. He already has a broken ankle. So, living with him has been a little bit like living with one of those monkeys at the zoo. You know, the ones who look all cute and cuddly […]

One Minute Movie Reviews

What did you do during this past holiday weekend? Go to the movies? Me, too! I haven’t seen Avatar yet because there aren’t any 3-D screens in my area, and all my friends who’ve seen it say you have to see Avatar in 3-D (on an Imax screen). But I DID see the following:

Fa La La La Lifetime

So I turned in Insatiable and have been incapable of doing anything since but watch TV. I know I have a husband with a broken ankle who needs me. I know Christmas is coming and there’s holiday decorating (and shopping) to do. I know I have other deadlines.

Sandra Bullock Divorce Custody Battle!

NEW MOON!!! AHHHH!!!! Ha, no, I didn’t go to New Moon last night at 12:01. I was doing what I’m always doing lately at 12:01AM: waiting for my Ambien to kick in and going, “Why don’t they have Say Yes To The Dress on On Demand?” If you’re doing NaNoWriMo right now, you were probably […]

2012–Best Movie of All Time?

I went to see 2012 over the weekend. As a disaster movie junkie—seriously, I LOVE a movie in which human beings are (pretend) killed by any sort of natural disaster, be it:

The Watchmen

I finally saw the movie of The Watchmen! I’d tried to read the graphic novel, but somehow I could never finish it. I have no idea why. The book has everything…sex, naked people, romance, sex, mystery, pirates (there were no pirates in the movie)! I think I got bogged down with the pirates. So I […]

Nights in Rodanthe vs. Rambo 4

Warning: SPOILERS So we’ve been trying to relax by catching up on the recordings on our DVRs. He Who Shall Not Be Named On This Blog doesn’t want me to tell you this, but in addition to long documentaries about Icelandic rock groups (no, really…sometimes they play music with rocks), HWSNBNITB loves to record romantic […]