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Hi. I’m posting this while on the run from Stark Corporate.

Get Glitter Girled!

Ladies (and some of you gentlemen). I know what you want. It’s what we all want. What we’ve all been wanting for some time: And that’s to get Glitter Girled! Well, tomorrow, your Glitter Girl dreams will come true:

Keeper Shelf: Albatross by Josie Bloss

Warning: Don’t read Josie Bloss’s new book Albatross unless you have no other plans for the night.* * Edited later to add: Want to win a free copy of this book? Go here. Because when I received a copy of Albatross, He Who Shall Not Be Not In This Blog and I were supposed to […]

Keeper Shelf Monday: Fat Cat by Robin Brande

A while ago I started hearing all this buzz about this book, Fat Cat by Robin Brande. Full of romance and comedy and cool science….OK, I’ll bite. But then I heard that it also involved a heroine’s experience being “the fat girl” as well as her experience trying to get healthy. That’s when I REALLY […]

Keeper Shelf Monday: Laini Taylor

The thing I think is so cool about the author of today’s book for Keeper Shelf Monday is that she started out as an artist making her own line of cool greeting cards (something I’ve always dreamed of doing!). And then she got a got book published! Plus, she has pink hair! How cool is […]

Making Fetch Happen

I’m so out of the loop trying to finish my next Allie book, I actually can’t keep track of anything anymore! Like, I didn’t even realize this book was out yet. But it is!

What A Girl Wants

Did you get what you wanted for Christmas? I didn’t. Well, not everything. I wanted a Pomeranian puppy, a pedicab, and a new swimming pool with a built-in outdoor Jacuzzi and slide (like the one they have at Atlantis in the Bahamas, complete with sharks). But then I read this essay in the New York […]


Busted! I was kind of trying to keep a low profile about my adult Summer 2010 release because a) I’m still tweaking it (it’s kind of hard to finish a book when your husband breaks his ankle!), and

New in November….

It’s November…. And you know what that means! No, not pumpkin pie! (Although it means that, too!) It means, among other things…. The Glee cast album is out! Finally! I thought I was going to go crazy if I didn’t get that cast version of Bust a Move. But now I can relax. November is […]

Glitter Girls

Guess what I just got? A big box of the new Allie Finkle adventure, Glitter Girls and the Great Fake Out! I know! I was like, didn’t Allie’s Rules for Girls, Stage Fright, just come out? How can the new one be here already? But this is just the advanced reader copy (uncorrected proof) for […]